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Face To Face with Thomas Cherian

Forerunner Special

Face to Face is a one-hour talk show featuring interviews by Pastor Michael Petro with distinguished guests. The program is a round table discussion focused on highlighting the season that the body of Christ is in at large and how the gospel of righteousness is shaping the world.

It is the season for revival fire! Pastor Michael Petro and Forerunnerintl are so excited to invite you into the inner court for a Face to Face encounter with the Lord. This time, Prophet Thomas Cherian visits to share a fresh perspective on the next move of God. The renowned prophet previews the next move of God, the Joshua Generation and emphasizes on unity in the Upper Room. 

Scripture tells us that the Lord will do nothing in the earth until He first reveals it to His servants the prophets. We are honored to hear the thoughts and plans of God being confirmed for the edification of the body of Christ.  

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