You can partner with us in bringing this end-time message to the body of Christ and to the world by using your Credit/Debit card, your Vanco GivePlus account, or your PayPal account to help support this ministry.

   Click "GIVE NOW ONLINE using GivePlus" to proceed to Vanco's GivePlus secure payment site.
   You can give with a Credit/Debit Card even if you do not have a Vanco GivePlus account.

   Please click here if you prefer to use PAYPAL to give. International users can choose a different currency other than USD with PayPal.
   MOBILE GIVING with the GivePlus app
   For quick access and easy giving, download the GivePlus mobile app on your Android or Apple device:
    NOTE for INTERNATIONAL USERS: You may have to change your store account country to USA in order to download the GivePlus Mobile App.
      After you have downloaded it, you can change your store account country back to your home country.

Mobile TEXT-2-GIVE Instructions

USA: 909 906 7067

INTERNATIONAL: +1 909 906 7067 or 0011 1 909 906 7067
NOTE: This is a USA number, and you may incur fees for international texting. Text-2-Give amounts are always in US Dollars. There is no guarantee Text-2-Give will work from an international number.

Save the Text-2-Give number in your contacts with the name Forerunner GIVE.

For first time setup, text the word ASSIST to this number.

Follow the link you receive back, and create a new VANCO account or login to the account you already created.

Once you have setup your account, giving is easy. Simply text any amount you want to give to the number above, and that's it. See the examples below.

EXAMPLES: Note that you can choose any amount you want, not just the amounts in the examples.

  • Text 100 to make a one-time gift of $100 for the General Offering.

  • Text 150 building to make a one-time gift of $150 for the Building Fund.

  • Text 125 firstfruits to make a one-time gift of $125 for a Firstfruits Offering.

  • Follow the instructions you receive back if you want to REPEAT the payment and setup an automatic recurring WEEKLY or MONTHLY payment.

  • Additional text commands:
    Text the word EDIT if you want to update/change your debit/credit card number or address.
    Text the word DISCONTINUE to cancel any automatic recurring payments you setup.

Having issues? Contact us at