September 2019 Newsletter - "Nephrolithiasis (Kidney stones and the Reins)" by Roni Burton, MD

One of the most painful experiences of human life is what’s called acute renal colic.  It is caused by obstruction of the urinary outflow tract by a stone, typically at some point from the kidney down to the bladder.  “Eighty percent of patients with nephrolithiasis form calcium stones, most of which are composed of calcium oxalate or less often calcium phosphate”. (1) There are many variables which influence the likelihood of developing kidney stones; the nature and severity of potential symptoms and complications are also quite variable.  While some persons can have a non-obstructing kidney stone without symptoms, in the case of acute renal colic, the pain can be unrelenting and requiring the use of injectable pain medication(s) for relief.  In my 20 years of Internal Medicine practice I’ve cared for many patients with acute renal colic and for women who have had children, and most said they would choose the pain of childbirth than the pain of acute renal obstruction due to a kidney stone.  There are several types of kidney stones other than the two kinds mentioned above, and there are several risk factors for developing kidney stones, including genetic causes.  One article reviewed relative to the conservative management of kidney stones said, “All stone formers may benefit from increasing fluid intake to produce at least two liters of urine per day… This regimen will increase the urine flow rate and lower the urine solute concentration, both of which protect against stone formation”. (2)

But how can this translate spiritually?  We know water represents revelation in the Scriptures (Deut 32:2), and it is revelation that removes dysfunction (in this case, changing the composition of the urine to reduce the risk of stone formation).  Given that the WORD or “law (Torah) is spiritual” (Rom 7:14) we must understand it spiritually.  The Holy Spirit (the Teacher and Counselor) teaches by comparison: “comparing spiritual things with spiritual” (1Cor 2:13), i.e. parabolically.  Jesus of Nazareth was anointed with “the Holy Spirit and with power” (Acts 10:38). Thus, the Holy Spirit in Jesus taught in parables.  “Without a parable He [Jesus] spoke not unto them”(Matt 13:34).   What then is the parable of the reins, the kidneys.  The Hebrew language describes the character and function of something including the kidneys.  And just as nephrology, the branch of medicine that deals with the physiology and diseases of the kidneys is broad, so is the spiritual understanding of the reins.

“Because the WORD and its healing power is stronger than all the evils in the soul, He applies this power to each one according to God’s will…” (2)

The Hebrew language has a depth (four levels and more), which when seen, symbolically sheds light on the removal of the kidneys in the time of animal sacrifices with Moses; this symbolizes the offering of “the innermost and most private aspect of a person”. (4) That is the offering Yah wants us to offer Him; which may involve physical and or emotional pain.

H3629ִ כְּלָיה  kilyāh: A feminine noun meaning a kidney; the heart as the seat of emotions. It is always used in its plural form. It is an animal's internal organ referred to often in sacrifices (Exo_29:13; Lev_4:9; Lev_7:4; Lev_9:10); it is the innermost and most private aspect of a person (Job_16:13; Psa_139:13; Pro_23:16; Jer_11:20; Lam_3:13). God created the kidneys (Psa_139:13, "inner parts"). In a metaphor, it is used to refer to choice wheat, kilyôṯ ḥittāh (Deu_32:14).

“Figuratively, the mind, (as the interior self): -kidneys, reins” (5) is to reflect Christ.  Paul reminds us “to let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus” (Phil 2:5), which is the mind of God the Father.  This happens through prophetic understanding by the process of revelation, imparted by apostolic teaching (1 Thes 2:8).

Two days prior to this writing, a person that we, the Forerunner body, have been interceding for, received a kidney transplant (she was not at the top of the list and she had been waiting for 7 years) and another sister overcoming from acute renal colic within the same period testifies to the power of Yah to heal us physically and spiritually.  The Word says we are “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14).  Father wants us to be fully and completely restored to the glory of His intention, which is Adam before the fall.  Yeshua speaks of the “regeneration” (Matt 19:28) which is to go back to genesis again, when everything will be restored; including the character and function of our reins without the stones.  It is a mystery!  Paul says it this way, “To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory” (Col 1:27). Solomon said, “Yea, my reins shall rejoice, when my lips speak right things” (Prob 23:16). Until next time, blessings!

Pastor Roni

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