September 2019 Newsletter - Greetings to the Saints from Pastor Brad Nottingham

Ps. Brad Greetings.png

Our HEAVENLY FATHER, we thank You for Your wonderful creation You have placed us in. Your earth is so majestic; Your understanding and discernment is so perfect. We thank You for the ability You have given Your creation to know You and to be able to seek and find You as you reveal Yourself to us every time we open our eyes. We long for Your impartation of Your promise to become fulfilled in each and everyone of us. As we seek You, we follow Your guidance and continue to ask for Your understanding of what You will have us do today and every day. Thank You for ALL that You do in our lives.



Greetings Saints,

This season we are in will be a preparation as we walk into the feast days. Let’s prepare ourselves as we gird up our loins through prayer and fasting so that we can hold each other up and be our brother’s keeper. In the HOLY Scriptures, we have been given a promise to be restored back to the way we were created through the washing of the Word. Come partake in the Word (YAHSHUA) as we continue to endure through our daily life’s experiences here on earth.  Basic Instruction By Life’s Experiences (BIBLE). Our instructions are all in the BIBLE, for a natural walk and a spiritual walk here while on earth.  The HOLY Scripture says that we will never be given more than we can endure, so let’s make sure we handle what we have been given. HALLELUYAH!

We have been experiencing many personal break throughs from obedience to fasting and praying. Sister Alice just completed a 40 day fast, currently going on 50, and she shared with us her testimony of the changes that took place in her heart, mind, and soul the removal of many frustrations from within her. She has been set free of pride, anger, and self-condemnation as she prayed to YAH for these changes to take place during her fast. This has fueled a fire in the body for a corporate fast to begin, called in by Pastor Mike. As we step into the LORD’s feast season, we are going to be praying for powerful breakthroughs for our body to walk out. Prepare yourself for the day of the LORD, for self examination, and repentance as we enter into the feast of trumpets while fasting and praying.

Also, we are excited to announce that the tent will be delivered this month, and we will be putting it together as soon as we receive it.  The VOD (Video on Demand) and website is going strong, and we recommend that you use these tools to witness and evangelize as you go out into the highways and byways of life.

We are also sending saints out to evangelize; we have a team going to Africa in October and a teacher has been sent to Australia. Please hold these people up in prayers as we fulfill our call as a 5-fold ministry.

Again, thank you ALL for your support and prayers as we step into this new season of the LORD.

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