October 2019 Newsletter - Greetings to the Saints from Pastor Brad Nottingham

Ps. Brad Greetings.png


We thank You Father for this season, this HOLY season, Your HOLY season, which You have given us to recognize and honor You. As You impart Your move into us, we want to be prepared, to have gone through the process of cleansing, to receive Your glory and honor here on Your earth. Thank You FATHER that we are able to partake in your righteousness and understanding of who You are in us. AMEN.

Greetings saints, 

This is a HOLY season. Embrace it, with all your heart, mind, and soul, and begin to receive what the LORD has for you. We know that everyone has been growing through this process to become the chosen high priest, to go into the HOLY of HOLIES, to receive from the throne that has been set aside for you, which is the inheritance and promise from before the beginning of ALL creation. Recognize this process, embrace what the LORD is doing, and know that your place is a direct impartation from the throne room of our divine Designer, Creator, and Overseer of ALL that we know. Put your hands on the net, use your spiritual eyes, come to the banquet to be the servants for the biggest move that this earth has seen.

The LORD has given us a tent, and this is a part of the process that we are going through as a ministry. The building and stadiums will come, and shortly after will be the release of the biggest revival ever on earth. When we say biggest, we mean as an outreach to many people; the biggest revival is also the revival in you.

Find the place the LORD wants you to be in. Our website is constantly being updated, our VOD is always adding the teachings, and our media team is perpetually making additions to this process of reaching out to the nations. Come, receive and share with your loved ones, the people you meet along the way and each other, as we walk out the process the LORD has pre-ordained for us.

As always, have a wonderful day being the blessing you have been created to be.


Shalom blessings,
Pastor Brad (PB)