January 2019 Newsletter - "Generation" by Nathan Padilla

The birthing and forming of Christ and His divine nature occurs through a metamorphose that can happen only through one way: through an apostolic seed.  To birth anything in in the Spirit, it has to start from a seed, a life-giving spark.  According to the Early Church, our soul/the womb, is birthing things all the time.  To further understand this process, let us look at the anatomy of this in the Spirit.

Every person, male and female, have both male and female reproductive organs in the spirit.  This may seem to be an outlandish statement, but it is biblical and spiritual truth that was vital for every Christian who sought transformation.  The male organ that everyone has is the “heart” and can circumcise the “foreskin of your heart,” [Deu 10:16].  In the natural only a man’s reproductive organ has foreskin; however, the holy Apostle Paul affirms that “the law is spiritual” [Rom 7:14] and “there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus,” [Gal 3:28].  According to the Apostle Paul, God is not concerned about the physical anatomy of a person, but the spiritual, or the anatomy of your soul.  The female reproductive organ is the mind.  In the Gospel of Luke it says, “And He opened their understanding, that they might comprehend the Scriptures,” [Luk 24:45].  The word for “opened” in the Greek is “dianoigō.”  It means “to open the mind of one,” “opening the womb,” and “open one’s soul.”  The mind is the womb of the soul where everything is birthed, both good and bad.

To birth the Christ, the Word in us, we need to have a divine seed that will impregnate our soul (character, conscious) that will bring a change to our inner man.  The Scripture says,

“Nevertheless [the sentence put upon women of pain in motherhood does not hinder their souls' salvation, and] they will be saved [eternally] if they continue in faith and love and holiness with self-control, [saved indeed] through the Childbearing or by the birth of the divine Child,” [1Ti 2:15].

A soul is saved through birthing the “divine Child” who is Christ.  This seed is brought from none other than from an Apostle.  We receive their seed and are birthed by them.  Clement affirms this notable process.

Well, they preserving the tradition of the blessed doctrine derived directly from the holy apostles, Peter, James, John, and Paul, the sons receiving it from the father (but few were like the fathers), came by God’s will to us also to deposit those ancestral and apostolic seeds. [1]

It is important to understand this first, because if we don’t understand what the seed is and who it comes from, we won’t know that we have the potential of birthing something other than what we have intended.  Every seed "yielding seed after his kind” [Gen 1:12] is a spiritual law that highlights to us the importance of the right seed.  Origen highlights this principle that this seed must come from an apostle.

I do not think that any man can beget a soul unless, perhaps, he be someone like that man who said, "For although you have many thousand teachers in Christ, you have not many fathers. For in Christ Jesus I begot you through the Gospel." [1Co_4:15] Such are those men who beget and give birth to souls, as he says elsewhere, "My little children, with whom I am in labor again, until Christ be formed in you." [Gal_4:19] For others either do not wish to have the trouble of this kind of begetting or are not able. [2]

Origen points out to us that there is a difference between a teacher and an apostolic father.  An apostolic father has the power to beget a soul into the kingdom.  Preachers, teachers, evangelists, and pastors are not fathers.  Fathers of the faith have always been apostolic and have the power to birth you into the kingdom and give you every apostolic seed to birth virtue, or fruits of the spirit.  The Constitution of the Apostles affirm this about role of the Apostle/Bishop.

The apostle/bishop, he is the minister of the word, the keeper of knowledge, the mediator between God and you in the several parts of your divine worship. He is the teacher of piety; and, next after God, he is your father, who has begotten you again to the adoption of sons by water and the Spirit. [3]

For if the divine oracle says, concerning our parents according to the flesh, “Honor thy father and thy mother, that it may be well with thee;” (Exo_20:12) and, “He that curseth his father or his mother, let him die the death;” (Exo_21:17) how much more should the word exhort you to honor your spiritual parents, and to love them as your benefactors and ambassadors with God, who have regenerated you by water, and endued you with the fulness of the Holy Spirit, who have fed you with the word as with milk, who have nourished you with doctrine, who have confirmed you by their admonitions, who have imparted to you the saving body and precious blood of Christ, who have loosed you from your sins, who have made you partakers of the holy and sacred eucharist, who have admitted you to be partakers and fellow-heirs of the promise of God! Reverence these, and honor them with all kinds of honor; for they have obtained from God the power of life and death, in their judging of sinners, and condemning them to the death of eternal fire, as also of loosing returning sinners from their sins, and of restoring them to a new life. [4]

The problem with the modern-day church was the same problem that was occurring in the Apostle Paul’s time; however, I’m afraid it is worse today - there are very few who can reproduce.  As Clement said, “very few are like their fathers” and very few can faithfully keep the Word of God, the truth of His light, His seed, pure and undefiled.  Through this process, the Christ is being formed in our soul, in our inner man.  However, our soul, “His wife has made herself ready" for her husbandmen, the Word by staying in a pure state by the watering of the washing of the Word.  According to Origen, our soul is always birthing something.  So, it would be important that we stay faithful to the Word of God.  Now, the offspring that we produce from intercourse with the Word of God comes spiritual offspring.  What is this spiritual offspring that we produce?

Thus, if the soul conceives from Christ in this way it generates sons for whose sake it can be said of her that “she will be saved through the generation of sons if they continue in faith and love and holiness, with sobriety,” [1Ti 2:15] even if the soul seems to have first been seduced as Eve had been. [1Ti 2:14]. And so, it is truly blessed offspring when the soul has had intercourse with the Word of God and when they have embraced one another. From there will be born a noble lineage, from there will arise chastity; from there will issue justice, patience, gentleness and love and the venerable offspring of all virtues. [Gal 5:22-23]… And so it is shown that in everything we do our soul gives birth and generates sons, namely its thoughts and the works that it does. And if what it does as in accordance with the law and in accordance with the Word of God, it gives birth to the Spirit of salvation, and for that reason “it will be saved through the generation of sons.” [1Ti 2:15] [5]

Our soul is saved by the intercourse of our soul with the Word that will produce spiritual offspring that are the virtues, or the fruits of the Spirit.  Subsequently, when God told Adam, "Be fruitful and multiply,” [Gen 1:28] He wasn’t referring to natural childbirth; it was to produce sons named “love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness…” [Gal 5:22].  Nevertheless, there is a birthing that we all long to see: the birthing of His glory.  The Lord will have a soul/bride that will birth His glory on the earth, and much to your surprise, it has already started.  The importance of this spiritual process of generation is so important that the glory of God cannot manifest without it.  This was always the will of God.  The glory is a process and not an instantaneous flip of the switch.  Just as when a woman conceives, that child goes through a process of being formed.  The glory of God is too dangerous for us to just walk into, which is why there was a process of sanctification and training in subduing every thought to be able to stand in God’s presence.  This is the training of the High Priesthood.  I will leave you with Origen to explain the birthing of the glory of God that will soon take place.

But let us consider who is our Savior: a reflection of glory. [Heb 1:3] The reflection of glory has not been begotten just once and no longer begotten. But just as the light [Wis 7:26; 1Jh 1:5] is an agent of reflection, in such a way the reflection of the glory of God is begotten. Our Savior is the wisdom of God. [1Co 1:24] But the wisdom is the reflection of everlasting light. [Wis 7:26] If then the Savior is always begotten—because of this he also says, Before all the hills he begets me, (and not, “Before all the hills he has begotten me,” but, Before all of the hills he begets me) [Pro 8:25]—and the Savior is always begotten by the Father, and likewise also if you have the spirit of adoption, [Rom 8:25] God always begets you in him according to each work, according to each thought. And may one so begotten always be a begotten son of God in Christ Jesus, to whom is the glory and the power for the ages of ages. Amen. [6]

Blessings, Nathan


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