May 2019 Newsletter - "Divine Pattern" by David Hill

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Praise the Lord, saints, what a blessing you are becoming and are moving to be to this entire creation, these are exciting times to be a part of, as we understand the times and seasons as is spoken of the sons of Issachar. Adam Clarke’s Commentary (1831) contains this awesome passage about the sons of Issachar:

“Children of Issachar – According to the Targum they were all astronomers and astrologers: “and the sons of Issachar, who had understanding to know the times, and were skilled in fixing the beginnings of years, the commencement of months, and the intercalation of months and years; skillful in the changes of the moon, and in fixing the lunar solemnities to their proper times; skillful also in the doctrine of the solar periods; astrologers in signs and stars, that they might show Israel what to do; and their teachers were two hundred chiefs of the Sanhedrin: and all their brethren excelled in the words of the law, and were endued with wisdom, and were obedient to their command.”

It appears that in their wisdom, experience, and skill, their brethren had the fullest confidence; and nothing was done but by their direction and advice. The commonality of that tribe having bowed their shoulder to bare (Genesis 49:15), the great men had them at their back. Part of the blessing in this blessing by Jacob was Issachar was called as a strong donkey (ass), and we know that the donkey is symbolic of the prophetic ministry. Hence, we read of the princes of Issachar, Judges. 5:15. They knew how to rule, and the rest knew how to obey.

So now as we see this prophetic understanding revealed by the tribe of Issachar and understand that the character and function of this tribe’s name must be a part of each of us. I ask this question now: do you see the transition happening spiritually or are you waiting for something in the natural to manifest before you move?  This entire creation is now in the transition of moving into the Kingdom age, and as Yeshua said, His church has fallen and without the revelation of what is happening. It is painfully clear the reality that the church is the Babylon that Yeshua said at the end of the age we must come out of. Rev 18:4-5 says, “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, ‘Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities.’”

The word Babylon means confusion; its history is rooted in a people trying to ascend to the likeness of God by building a tower to the heavens (Gen. 11) or a surrogate tabernacle. They tried to ascend to God and their identity through carnal human effort and dead works. They tried to mix a divine desire to know God with ignorance of divine truth. They said let’s make a name, this is central to our nature we must know our identity, yet we can never find it in our carnal human wisdom. Building by human wisdom to become what only the Father can make us by divine truth always leads to confusion, a false image that can never come before the Lord as it is mixture of the demonic with the divine, the same recipe that Adam chose in the garden and will never bridge the chasm separating us from the Father. Human carnal wisdom is demonically inspired, as James clearly states (James 3:15) and is a covenant with death. Genesis says their language was one prior to building the tower, and they still had Adam’s language, the language given from God in the garden. Yet the Lord, after seeing their works their building program, confounded or confused their language. It did not match the pattern from heaven. It didn’t look like the heavenly tabernacle because they didn’t have the plans from God. They had demonically inspired plans. So, when we build our tabernacle or life outside of the divine pattern trying in ignorance to ascend to the Father, He removes our ability to communicate with Him and veils His language, the secrets and mysteries, which contain the divine pattern back to Him.

Scripture is very clear: God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble (Psalm 138:6; Proverbs 3:34; Proverbs 29:23; James 4:6; Matthew 23:12). This is such a powerful picture of the church system; today the church has chosen to go the carnal human wisdom path, the path of demonic pride, by throwing out the Torah and only seeing the Scriptures carnally (e.g. with human understanding, seeing the bible as a history book). The results are very clear, since there are close to 40,000 different Christian denominations, each with their own doctrine or language.

So again, I ask a question: what is the pattern we are to build upon? How is this curse of a confused language reversed so that we would all come to a unity of faith? Apostle Michael has been graciously given to the church by the Lord for this time, and he carries the divine blueprints and has been faithfully building according to a divine pattern. The language he speaks is foreign to some however to those that have spiritual ears and spiritual eyes to see are being transformed into living tabernacles for the filling with the glory of God. A divine priesthood is being prepared and as we hear and apply with all diligence the truths released by our bishop, a priestly understanding to the order of worship is being given to us to follow. It is a priesthood of the order of Melchizedek (Psalm 110:4) which is being birthed, formed, and clothed in order to lay our lives down to save this creation (Obadiah 1:21).

This task which looms in front of us to those with natural understanding seems daunting and unsurmountable; however, to those being plugged into the divine mind, there is excitement and great anticipation. Babylonian understanding locks us into the status quo. Come out of this fallen mindset at all cost and choose to spend all to gain spiritual ears and spiritual eyes that join to the divine nature of our Father. Ask the Father to make you a son of Issachar so that you may lead those who you have influence with out of Babylon and into the Kingdom of God. Your Kingdom come, Father, on and in our earth as it is in HEAVEN. Heaven is the dwelling of our Father, and heaven is spelt in Hebrew “shamayim,” which means ears to hear and eyes to see. To those who believe all things are possible. Blessings to you now with this short exhortation to ascend to your true identity in Christ, according to the divine pattern of revelation. To become a savior that will restore, renew, and rebuild according to the limitless mind of our promised land, our true sabbath rest to be one again with our Father. May His love keep you and burn as a fervent unquenchable furnace with in you. Shalom.

David Hill