June 2019 Newsletter - Greetings to the Saints from Pastor Brad Nottingham

Ps. Brad Greetings.png

HEAVENLY FATHER, we thank You and worship You for Your completeness and unity that Your WORD (YAHSHUA) brings into us.  We want to be that blessing You are everywhere we go, to every person we meet, and with every thought in our minds.  We thank You for this season and recognize Your purity in ALL of Your creation.  May we walk as You walked here on earth by the power of Your HOLY SPIRIT through all of our trials in order to bring us back to the way we were created to be. AMEN. 

Greetings Saints,

This season is the season of the birthing of the church, when everyone in the upper room came in one accord.  In your upper room (your mind), this is where the LORD births HIMSELF in you.  Where the transformation occurs, the impregnation of the impartation of the Teacher and Counselor is released, which will transform our most inner, deepest thoughts as we live our lives on Earth.  This season we know as a harvest season.  We go out to co-labor with our HEAVENLY FATHER for HIS harvest.  HE is actually performing HIS own harvest also, which is HIS desire for us to be united with HIM again.  The religious system, through all their divisional ways of understanding the LORD’s Word (YAHSHUA), has put this world in a wicked way of understanding what our HEAVENLY CREATOR intended for HIS creation.  Take this season to know your roots, be in one accord in your upper room, and unite with the LORD to be able to join in with the body for the last harvest coming into HIS earth. HALLELUYAH!

ForerunnerINTL is plowing forward as we continue to spread the seed throughout the earth.  Through social media and the internet, we have been able to send the message of truth throughout the earth, which has been birthed through this ministry and every saint who has put their hand to the plow.  We encourage you to let your friends, family, and people you meet to come and partake in the fruit of our labor, through the V.O.D., our social media campaigns, and our website.

Pastor Mike thanks the LORD for each and every one of you, for the unity, through the sound mind and doctrine that is birthed through our labors for the LORD.  Pick up your cross daily and come fight the good as we get ready to be able to prepare the earth for the great harvest.


Shalom Blessings,
Pastor Brad