June 2019 Newsletter - "A Sower Went to Sow" by The Harvesters

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We tend to stand before others, ready to give out what we want to say, not being still and listening to the individual before us.

One very important thing the Lord has shown me about reaching others is that if we listen, the person standing before us will tell you what is hurting or lacking in their lives.  The Spirit will lead, and you will give out exactly what the person needs.  Thus, fulfilling one character and function of the Lord the physician.

Many of us are quick to share what we have been studying and not what Lord is telling us to say.

As harvesters/evangelists, we’re called to speak with unbelievers by sharing the goodness of God and truths of who HE is and who we are in HIM and to defend the truth when needed.  Those who helped Nehemiah are a good example of this.  They rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem while keeping one hand on their sword ready to fight (Neh. 4:17).

So many times, we go out with our motives, feeling the need to share our knowledge, speaking an unfamiliar tongue to a foreigner (1 Cor. 14). As Paul says, it is better to speak 5 understandable words than 10,000 words in an unknown language.  

Listening and understanding where a person may be at in their walk with God is important; we are called to interpret, comfort, and encourage, not speak a foreign language.

Jesus calls the Word of God a Seed (Luke 8:11).  When we look up that word for seed, it can be a seed for a plant or male sperm.  What does sperm have to do with evangelism you may ask…  Well, fellowship can be seen as intercourse; we are imparting the seed/Word of God, which will birth the nature and character of God in a person’s life.

In Lev. 18:19, we see God commanding that a man may not have intercourse with his wife while she is on her period.  The reason a menstrual cycle comes every month is show that she was unable to bear a child during that period.  Now, if you see this spiritually, individuals who are hurting, wounded, broken hearted, and pressed down by life to the point where God is the furthest thing from their mind, we must deal with them at different level than the individual who is looking to debate Scriptures.  Paul says he changed his speech when he talked to certain people; he tried to find common ground with all people to win them to Christ.

“to the weak I became as weak, that I might win the weak. I have become all things to all men, that I might by all means save some. “ (1 Cor 9:22)

 The early church called it “changing your garment” as the high priest would do in temple service.  Now, we do not change the truth or preach a different gospel, but we do all that we can to help others see and hear the goodness of Christ.  We paint pictures with our words, and we use the world around us as a classroom to teach.  In the same way, the LORD symbolically taught the seed is the Word of God and people are soil (Mark 4:14).

If we give out seeds to soil that is not ready to receive because we are eager to reap a harvest, it will only fall on ground that is not fertile.  Remember, certain crops grow in certain seasons.  We must remember and rely on the Holy Spirit’s guidance to give out what is needed at the right time and not in our own excitement to show others what we know.

Just as a young man for the first-time during intercourse, may release his seed prematurely, we also can, out of excitement, release the Word to a person prematurely.  Likewise, we can be as the man who has intercourse with his wife on her period out of self-pleasure.  In the spirit, we can resemble these individuals sharing prematurely out of excitement and self-pleasure.

As evangelists and harvesters, we have the opportunity to help others see the goodness and truth of God in Christ.

“The Lord now chose seventy-two other disciples and sent them ahead in pairs to all the towns and places he planned to visit.” (Luke 10:1)

Since we have the opportunity to be a bridge and door to those whom the Lord wants to speak to and have a relationship with, let’s be wise with what we release.  We must listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit and not the fleshly desire to speak in tongues and heavenly language not understood to the common ear.  Remember, saints, your homeland is in the heavens, but you are calling out to people, “Come up here to a place you’ve never been and hear things you’ve never heard!”  Find a common ground and throw those seeds with precision and wisdom.