July 2019 Newsletter - "Gathering the Lost Sheep" by The Harvesters

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Seasons change.  Every farmer is aware of these intervals and has to do certain things within each window of time to take advantage of what God is providing for His crops.  With His work being so time sensitive, not being able to discern the season properly will lead to an ineffectiveness in all that He does.  So, the question for us is: “What does evangelism look like in this moment?”

Pastor Michael taught on Ezekiel 37’s army of dry bones this past month of June.  In his sermon, he laid out for us the eschatological timeline, of which we presently find ourselves right in the middle.  The pattern is this: God sends the Spirit of Elijah upon the earth to prepare the people for His coming.  These end-time ministries mark those who have been crying out for the abominations of the religious systems.  This divine inscribing upon these servants’ foreheads is the Remnant 144,000 being pulled out of the Babylonian system.  Afterward, there is a severe judgment upon Babylon and the prophesied “Great Harvest” takes place.

So where does this put us prophetically?  We are in the time of Elijah’s sealing, which means that we must pull our brothers out from their denominated dispersions.  It’s time to gather the Remnant to the unity of God’s singular Truth.  One day soon that time will run out.

There has been a huge shift of focus within the Harvesters.  The Lord has been sending us in to various religious gatherings to reach out to other Christians.  Christian concerts, conferences… We fly in under the radar and minister in these places.  Obviously, such environments are not for the novice, but those skilled in the Word don a spiritual armor impervious to the common deceptions of religion.  The response from our geurilla insurgencies has been incredible!  What we are seeing is that people are hungry and receiving the Word in an unprecedented way.  There are many brothers and sisters who are just lost; they’re searching but not finding the fulfillment that they are looking for in religion.  We were all there once.  If we do not extend the hand of mercy to these people, how will they ever hear the Truth that their souls thirst for?

The direction for this season is clear: we must gather the lost sheep of the house of Israel.  Christians all over the world are awakening to the reality that something is very wrong.  They all want something real.  We have been given the True Life that they are seeking!  We may not have the full vision yet for how to reach these people, but the Lord is directing our steps in exploring new avenues of connecting.  As seasoned warriors in the Word, He’s sending us into the camp of the enemy to plunder them in their sleep.  To those of you with a sharp sword, it’s time to reach out.  Search out the ones who are searching.  Make connections with other Christians; God is already speaking to some of them.  Regardless of your past rejections, just know that God is softening people’s hearts in His mercy at this late hour.

With that being said, we just want to end on one final note.  Pastor Thomas Cherian said something crucial during his visit with us.  He said that in order to fully step into this next season, the Lord is requiring from us deeper intimacy.  We must make this connection in intercession.  Our closeness with the Father as well as the magnitude of power in which He will move through us, is directly proportional to our prayer life.  He also said that our hunger for souls is the fuel for that passionate prayer life.  So, our question to you is: do you have that hunger?  Is your prayer life an all-consuming cry for souls?  It’s time to step up our warfare, saints, and it starts with redirecting the focus of our own hearts.

The Harvesters