April 2019 Newsletter - Greetings to the Saints from Pastor Brad Nottingham

Ps. Brad Greetings.png

Heavenly Father, we come together through unity from You to be able to be a part of Your family as people chosen and raised to walk out what You have promised us. We thank You and worship You for ALL that You do for us during this season and the seasons to come. Guide and protect Your children as we follow You for eternity. Amen

Greeting Saints,

We want to know that if it seems like we are in a storm, we want to be in the eye of the storm where it is calm and serene, in YAHWEH’s eye, under HIS protection and covering. The turmoil is all around us and we trust in HIS ways to protect us. YAHSHUA calmed the seas, walked on water, and taught to the multitudes. HIS word, the truth is what sets people free, because HE is the Word in flesh. The HOLY SCRIPTURES is an autobiography of YAHSHUA, from Genesis to Revelation, a written book of stories given to men with a parabolic spiritual meaning of YAHWEH’s plan and provision HE has made for us, through HIS begotten son, YAHSHUA! HALLELUJAH!

As this season comes upon us, we want to thank everyone for your prayers and support. We are continuing to move into a new look, new contacts through social media, and website and the Video on Demand that will soon be live for everyone to see. The next big move will be a building that will move us into a new place to begin to step into our calling and send the Word out through the air waves, via television. HALLELUYAH!

Our new web site is www.forerunnerINTL.com. We encourage everyone to visit us there and see the new look and to be a part of the move we are in. 

As always: Have a wonderful day being the blessing you have been created to be!

Shalom Blessings,
Pastor Brad (PB)