Healed From Scoliosis - Deidre's Testimony

  For over 10 years, I battled back and neck pain but never knew the cause. About two years ago, I was diagnosed with Scoliosis. Scoliosis is a sideways curvature of the spine which creates an “S” curve. When I asked the chiropractor what could be done to correct and help ease the pain I was experiencing in my back and neck, the answer I received was to go two times a week for massage and chiropractic adjustments. Even after receiving adjustments, the pain I was experiencing persisted.

I started attending Forerunner Ministries International over a year ago. Recently, about two months ago, when I looked at photos that I had taken, I noticed that my spine was no longer crooked but straight, and my back pain had subsided greatly. About four months ago I stopped receiving chiropractic care and massages consistently, even though I would get massages once a month, and I stopped receiving adjustments completely. Over this past year I often called out to the Father, “Lord, heal me. please. I am in so much pain.” I no longer wanted to trust in the medical system, but rather have faith that God is my healer.

Then one day I realized that the Father can heal, but He was requiring me to change my declaration, which means to change my mindset. As Paul says in Romans 12:2, “Be ye TRANSFORMED by the RENEWING of your MIND.” I knew the Father wanted me to start praying the revelation of His Word over myself and coming into agreement. For a little over a week during my times in prayer, I said to the Father, “Father, I know You created me in the realm of perfection, up there there’s no pain or crookedness. Father You brought me into a ministry that teaches the right understanding of scripture, and because I have received that correct understanding of Your Word and I am manifesting that in my life, You call me righteous. Righteous also means being upright, therefore Father, there is no way I can have a crooked spine, I know my spine is straight. Thank you Father for my healing.” It is important that we take all revelation we receive and come into agreement. We have to kill any Egyptian mindset that wants to limit the power of God in our lives and allow the Word to wash and transform us spiritually first, which will allow for physical manifestation to come forth in our lives.

Shalom, Deidre Yeager