November 2018 Newsletter - "When Back Pain Strikes" by Dr. Roni Burton

Shalom saints!  Who has not had some form of back pain?  Whether from over use such as can happen with exercise, lifting heavy loads, obesity (because it places extra stress on the lower back, especially lumbar spine), it’s a common experience around the world.  Its causes can range from just strained muscles to internal derangements, such as a herniated disc, which can cause pressure on nerves and produce what is called “radicular pain” with other symptoms such as burning, numbness, tingling, the infamous “sciatica” pain being a prime example.  Musculoskeletal causes include scoliosis, tumors pressing spine, and so on.

So, what are some of the spiritual reasons for back pain?  We now understand through the guidance of Apostle Michael Petro deeper revelations of the Word, the Mystery that is Christ (John 1), and that the entire creation was spoken by Him through Wisdom.  In Matt 5:14 Yeshua/Jesus said that we are the light of the word.  In the book of Revelation, John sees Yeshua among 7 golden lampstands or menorahs (Rev 12:7, Exo 25:31).  The symbolism of the menorah is infinite, as one of our brothers (Nate) recently pointed out in that the menorah has no measurement in terms of size.  The central branch is called the “servant” branch (Christ), which represents righteousness, right or spiritual understanding of the Torah.  Yeshua said in Matt 5:17 that He came fulfill the law (Torah), not to do away with it.  In other words, He came to reveal to us what it really means (to unveil the Mystery).  Yeshua says, “the mystery of the seven ...stars and seven candlesticks are the seven churches,” (Rev 1:20).  We are the Church and have a spine or servant branch like Yeshua; which must be righteous and straight like His, reflecting His sevenfold Spirit (Isa 11:2, piety is the sixth virtue not listed).

It is through the Holy Spirit that we learn the principles of the language of Yah.  In 1 Cor 15:46, we learn that the natural world is a reflection of the spiritual realities Yah wants us to understand.  He reveals to us what He is saying through parables, which contain the mysteries (Matt 13:11-15).  Thus, the natural back with the spine and ribs is representing a heavenly reality (1Cor 15:46-49).

So, when back pain strikes, not only is there physical pain, questions may arise as to what is happening in the spirit realm, and there are many voices depending on what the Holy Spirit is saying.  The manifestation of that happened about one week ago during a deliverance session is one such example.  A serpentine, religious spirit was identified.  The spirit literally struck the servant in the back and neck area, resulting in high fevers, intense pain, and weakness.  It was immediate and very real. It took three days of prayer and rest to bring restoration to this servant.  Yeshua said, “O generation of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things?  For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks,” (Matt 12:34).  Words are seeds, and Yeshua said His words are “spirit and life,” (John 6:63).  The venomous words are the false teachings of religion that will cause pain to the body of Christ.  Due to the poison of dragons and serpents (Deut 32:33), the toxins may harm the spirit, soul or body.

However, if we let the words of Christ dwell in us “richly in all wisdom” (Col 3:16), then the dead letter which kills (2Cor 3:6) will not poison our hearts or cause back pain to someone else.

We are in the season of transition to the Millennial Kingdom, where Christ is preparing His high priesthood to do the supernatural, the greater works (John 14:12), that He is now preparing for us, His remnant, to do.  For those with eyes and ears to see, He is empowering through revelation, to destroy all the works of the enemy (1John 3:8), including when back pain strikes.

Come and take your place in the restoration of all things (Matt 17:11).

Blessings! Pastor Roni

References: All Scripture references: King James Version of the Bible