October 2018 Newsletter - "The Harvesters - Milk and Honey" by Ray McDowell

This month, we would like to address some basic principles that are necessary to understand as evangelists.  We all evangelize in one way or another, whether that is sharing with family members or just posting something on Facebook.  Here’s an interesting verse for all of you “gospel-angels” (evangelists) out there: Revelation 8:6 And the seven angels which had the seven trumpets prepared themselves to sound.

Notice that the trumpeters must prepare themselves to release the prophetic message that they have been given.  This is the same word used in Revelation 19:7, “…His wife has made herself ready.”  Let us prepare ourselves to be priests and fit messengers of the Words of Life.

The focus of our lives as priests is shifting to one that is entirely devoted to recognizing and fulfilling the needs of Christ in others.  This is especially true when it comes to ministering the Word of God to people.  Serving in this banquet takes many forms, not only being limited to a fiery release from behind the pulpit.   We have all been entrusted as stewards of the very treasures of Yahweh – His most precious and closely guarded Truths.  It is a great honor that we have been given to carry these seeds of transformation, and proportionally a grave responsibility to share what has been entrusted to us in wisdom.

Too often things have been said that stumbled the hearers with an attitude of, “I told them the truth so it’s not my fault that they didn’t receive it.”  Granted, every person is accountable to the Truth that they have heard, regardless the source or in what way it was released to them.  However, we cannot excuse ourselves from our own accountability.  The rich man must come down to bring the spiritually poor and lacking wisdom up to their level.  We must ask ourselves, “Am I coming down to reach them, or is what I’m saying at a level too high for this person to receive?”  It has been said that a teacher is only as good as their worst student.  As teachers, we must know who our student is and how to reach them based on their individual needs.  Get into the habit of asking yourself questions before releasing something to someone:

“What is this person’s frame of reference, and how much understanding do they have?” “What is my motivation for sharing this?” “Have they shared any information with me to reveal what their spiritual wounds are?” “Am I saying this because it is what I want to say, or is it what this person needs to hear?”

Obviously, some of these apply more specifically to face to face encounters, but the underlying considerations remain the same when dealing with social media posts and any other communications with the general public.

We must recognize the gravity of what we share with people and the eternal ramifications that it can have on people’s souls.  Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 11:29 that when people hear the word of revelation and do not understand it, a judgment and spiritual sickness comes upon them.  Consider this: a man that has intimacy with a menstruating woman only does so for his own gratification in releasing the seed.  He knows that nothing can be produced from this; therefore, he is not doing this out of love but to satisfy his own selfish interest.  Also, note that according to Torah, a man that touches a woman who is on her menstrual cycle becomes defiled by her.  What we should take from this is that people need to be healed (of their issue of blood) before they can receive certain deeper things, and we must be sensitive to this.

We have been called not to relocate to a physical Promised Land but to become that land that is “flowing with milk AND honey.”  The honey is the sweet truths of the Word that we must wisely use to incite within others a love and a hunger for the Gospel.  It is also critical that we are able to recognize what milk is and be able to properly feed the babies of the nations with those elementary principles.  Many times, there have been true statements made that are very deep concepts, but these have lacked foundation for the hearers to understand how such a conclusion could be drawn.  This can stumble the hearers and is NOT MILK nor is it being released in love, because we have not taken into consideration the needs of those with whom we are sharing.

The general rule of thumb is: if what you are releasing requires other explanation to understand, then it is too deep.

Saints, we need to keep all of these considerations in mind when dealing with people.  We are all going through a process of learning, and having patience for others is an essential trait of a priest.  Our role is to put a little honey on the hook and reel the fish in; we just have to get them in the door and let the Word do its job.  Father is preparing all of us for the harvest of souls that is right around the corner, and we must all give our due diligence to preparing ourselves, as physicians, with the right “dosage of words.”

Shalom, Ray