October 2018 Newsletter - "Opening Up Our Wells" by Dayton Thomas

Greetings everyone! It’s an honor to be able to share with you a few things that Yah has been speaking to us in these recent weeks. I hope that you were moving with us this last month during the feast times. Each soul that is seeking the unveiling of the Word is able to receive the impartation of grace to move in higher realms in the spirit. As a body, we are experiencing so many incredible things; the holy fire is being poured out, and the push for unity has never been stronger. We heard of the red heifer in Israel and understand the prophetic sign of the purification of the temples of Yah. The heavens are open, and Yah is preparing us for the outpouring of his Glory. There are so many other things to give Yah glory for! But here I would like to share about opening the wells inside each of us. The passage comes from Gen 26: 18-22.

Gen 26:18  Isaac re-excavated some wells that his father had first dug during his lifetime, because the Philistines had filled them with sand after Abraham's death. Isaac renamed those wells with the same names that his father had called them. Gen 26:19  While Isaac's servants were digging in the valley, they discovered a well with flowing water.

As I was first looking over this passage, the Holy Spirit impressed upon me that the sons of promise are predestined to clear out the wells that were dug by the fathers. Isaac was the promised son of Abraham, born of the Spirit of the Lord. When he came to maturity and power, it was time for him to settle in a new land away from the Philistines. The first thing Isaac did was clean out the wells that were dug by Abraham. These wells are the sources of water and life for the land, and they are not wells of standing water but flowing water.

There is so much that can be said about these wells. The Spirit bears witness that these wells are those “rivers of living water flowing from his heart.” When revelation truth is imparted into us, it will manifest out of us through our praise, prayers, and worship. (I will speak now in the context of worship). When our worship to Yah does not perpetually flow out of us, it proves that our well is filled with sand, that is to say, fleshly carnal things are blocking us from constantly praising. And what is it that fills the wells with sand? The Philistines - natural thinking, the things of this world, and these things of the lower earthly existence. In order for us to “pray without ceasing,” we must have wells that are cleared out by the Word and Holy Spirit of promise.

On the same note, there were wells that were dug by the Apostolic fathers and other great men faith that paved the way for the church. They labored to dig wells of revelation, writing letters, facing persecution, and all for the cause of preserving the truth and faith. This revelation truth, passion, sacrifice, endurance, courage, and fire MUST come back into the church in order to step into and fulfill the promises of Yah.

It was Isaac’s intention to keep the original character and function that were attributed to these wells by his father, but in the next few verses, we see that Isaac faced many difficulties with the shepherds of Gerar.

Gen 26:20  But the herdsmen who lived in Gerar quarreled with Isaac's herdsmen. "The water is ours," they said. As a result, Isaac named the well Esek, for they had fiercely disputed with him about it. Gen 26:21  When his workers started digging another well, those herdsmen quarreled about that one, too, so Isaac named it Sitnah. Gen 26:22  Then he left that area and dug still another well. Because they did not quarrel over that one, Isaac named it Rehoboth, because he used to say, "The LORD has enlarged the territory for us. We will prosper in the land.”

Gerar means “ruminate, chew, or saw.” Take a look at Leviticus 11:3; it states that clean animals must chew the cud (ruminate) and split the hoof. Another Early Church father says that a person who ruminates on the Word of Yah but does not walk out the truth in righteousness is no different than a Jew knowing only the dead letter and lifeless word, not the living Word himself. So why did Isaac face contention and strife with these shepherds? These shepherds represent pastors and religious people who study the Word but do not have true revelation; they have religious spirits. Instead of gleaning and learning of the Spirit, they destroy the Word of God as if to chew it up with a saw. Often times, those with religious spirits have dry faith. They are not saturated with the Spirit and presence of the Lord, and for all their knowledge, they surely do not have pure cleansing water coursing through their spiritual lives. But when Isaac faces the injustice of the religious spirits and confronts the Enmity that is the carnal mind, he settles in the land, and he is able to prosper widely and be increased by the Lord. From this we can learn that through our journey of faith, we will face many natural and spiritual obstacles and difficulties, but when we persevere and continue to walk the path of the just, the Lord will cause us to arrive in a land of prosperity and abundance. When we come to this place, the same Philistines that filled our wells with dirt will come and serve us, asking for mercy.

Not only is it important to open up the wells that are inside of us, but it is of equal or more importance to keep them clean. It is far easier to descend from spiritual things than it is to remain in the Spirit of the Lord. I exhort you to keep the wells of your heart clean and pure, always setting your mind on heavenly things. Constantly ask the Lord to reveal to you the dirt that is closing up your wells of prayer and worship. When we come to pray and worship, lift up your voice and let your river flow out unto the Glory of Yah.

Many come to our gatherings in need to repentance and deliverance. By God’s faithfulness and mercy, we can come back to him again and again. But you will never be raised up to glory if you are always descending because of sin and earthly thoughts. The Lord wants to take us higher and higher; do not descend from the places that God is leading us to. Do not grieve the Spirit of God by allowing the sand of the Philistines to fill your wells. Let the waters flow and never cease!

Lastly, I would like to note that our sub-apostolic teacher and brother Origen has quite an amazing teaching about this passage in Homily 13 of his Homilies on Genesis. A few of his points have been incorporated into this brief study. I highly suggest that anyone who is stirred by this article to read it. Praise Yah for his love and mercy toward us! And may He bless you in the spiritual land of breadth and prosperity!