July 2018 Newsletter - "The Harvesters" by Ben Jones

Blessings all,

The five-fold ministry is noted by Paul in Ephesians 4:11. It states as follows, “And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers.” One of these ministries is the ministry of the evangelist. This role is to preach the Gospel, which is to share the good news and the revelation of what it entails to whomever has the ears to hear the message and the heart to want to know our Saviour. This happens when we first have our spirit man, ie. spiritual senses open and connected to the Father, so we can act and move as He would have us to. Origen puts it like this,

Therefore, we ought to know how to be able to restore in this way these five to holy things, so that, if perchance we presumed to abuse these in secular activities and we expended their use on things which we did not do according to God.”

So, when we are thinking of things above, not minding the things and cares of the world, we are in tune with what the Lord would have us do, regardless if we in times past would have wanted to do it or not because of Christ and Him living in us and having on His mind.

As Jesus said many times, He only spoke and did as the Father instructed and led him to do so. He was at that place of oneness and connection because of the relationship He had with Yah. So, if we want to be effective evangelists, making ourselves available to the call and being ready to deliver the message to show people a better way/the way, it needs to start from within us first. We must first receive the passion and the truth so we have something to give out. This comes from a lifestyle of prayer and fasting, studying the scriptures, and a humble heart to have no agenda of our own but to see God’s work being fulfilled in the earth.

Paul says we are to study to show ourselves approved. However long that takes is dependent on us and how much we want to know the Father, and then share who He is to others to give them the opportunity to know Him also. I can testify to this as I have seen this take place in my life when I first heard the gospel being preached from Apostle Michael. I knew what was being preached in the way of revelation was the truth and that everyone else needed to hear the message as well. So I sought the Lord and studied out the message to renew my relationship with Him and then to be well equipped to share with whomever the Lord put on my heart or who He brought to me. My prayer every morning ever since has been that He would send someone as a divine appointment, who was hungry and searching for something deeper in their walk with the Lord or as a first time.

The Lord has been very faithful in answering that prayer and still is today, as He provides an opportunity almost every day to share the gospel. It is received with mixed emotions, and some have pursued the message, wanting to learn more and to seek the heart of the Father. In these instances, I invite them to my place or we meet up to further our conversation and study, navigating our way through the Bible, also showing what the Early Church Fathers say or we watch a teaching of Apostle’s and go through that. All this for them to ultimately go home and start digging into the scriptures just them and the Lord to cultivate their own relationship with the Father. There have been other instances where I have shared, but it hasn’t been received well, and so the reactions have been accompanied with physical manifestations such as very intense outbursts of anger and threats or spitting, to name a few. In times past, I had never encountered this before, but I thank the Lord for this as it is a good training to expect the unexpected and see the dark side as it is encounters the light; there is a lesson in everything in how to handle situations.

In closing, be sure to heed to the Father’s calling always. As we yearn to see the coming of the day of the Lord and the fullness of what He has for us, that will stir up a passion in us to fight for souls that will otherwise be lost for eternity. The quicker we can receive that revelation and passion, the more we can be used by God for the growth of His Kingdom. It all starts with a relationship with the Father and then a hunger to want to see others have the same with Yah.

Blessings, Ben Jones