June 2018 Newsletter - "The Harvesters" by Ray McDowell

We see this pattern where Yahuah is bringing us through things as a sort of firstfruits of the Harvesters.  I didn’t choose to do this because I want to be a leader, but apparently the Father chose me for whatever reasons.  That being said, I have to overcome some things as the team’s leader.  Hermas relayed a certain spiritual principle beautifully: “They cannot be afflicted at all, unless you, the head of the house, be afflicted: for when you are afflicted, of necessity they also suffer affliction; but if you are in comfort, they can feel no affliction.”

We know now that the way Father does things is to bring you through the process first so that you can be equipped to prepare others for the same.  This explains why it’s been such a battle for me to do things that average Christians just naturally do.  Any excuse that you could have for why you can’t be used or how you are unequipped, the Lord has had to beat out of me (with love!).  It is a sacrifice.  It is very uncomfortable at times.  He throws us into the lions’ den, but it is in that very place that we really get to see who He is and who we are to Him.

I’ve said all that to build up to one statement: Father has brought the Harvesters into a new season of the demonstration of His dunamis power.  It has been really impressed upon me lately about praying into greater discernment and manifestation of the team’s spiritual giftings for a greater effectiveness on the battlefield.  After all, signs and wonders are for the UN-believer; evangelism ministry is the very purpose for Father giving us certain gifts.  We can make this authoritative declaration of the Father’s timing because we see His pattern, and He is allowing us to go through it first, as the head of the Harvesters.

A little backstory: I’ve been tormented most of my Christian walk with lies of not being “spiritual.”  I would tell myself that “God just doesn’t use me in that way.”  I’ve never really been the type of Christian that has tea parties with angels or seen demons with my physical eyes.  Sure, we’ve all seen miracles in this ministry and most of us have seen some demonic manifestations.  It is entirely different to see the Lord do something versus experiencing Him working through you to accomplish His will.  I must confess that there has been a lingering doubt within me that I could ever be used in the supernatural.  It is one thing to read about something in a book or to even receive Divine revelation and understanding about it.  You can’t say that you really believe that Truth until you see the manifestation of it in your life.  This is when that paradigm shift happens from the realm of theory to a present reality.

This past Tuesday was the shift for me.  I won’t give too many details, as it is our purpose to share the message from Father, not to just give testimonies.  Long story short, Daddy lopped off the head of that lie.  In the face of fear and intimidation trying to attach itself to me, I chose to trust my training and the One commissioning me to the battle.  I’ve never been used in deliverance before.  Yet, here we were ministering at a bus stop, and the demons within a man began to manifest wildly.  Will I respond in the flesh again or trust what I’ve been taught and fight this with the Spirit of Yah who is in me?  Do I even believe that He is really in me?  I’m just being honest; that’s the real battle.  The fight for that man to be set free was a choice between two identities within myself.  Am I the powerless and scared little boy or am I really an eternal son of Yah?  These demons were staring into my eyes in a murderous rage and gearing up to charge at me, and it was at that moment I knew there was going to be a fight of my choosing, whether fists or the Sword.  The Father spoke through me and the demons obeyed.  The fog of his mind was swept away and the drugs were cast to the ground at the command of the Holy Spirit.  This person transformed from a man being tossed around violently and unable to speak, only making animalistic noises and growls, to Dennis who was coherent and conversational, knowing the name YAHshua.  There is much more, but I will just leave it at this: Father has ignited a new passion in me for souls and completely changed my perspective on what my life is about.

I’m not writing this because I want to talk about myself.  I hope that you can put your name in every situation that I’ve shared about myself and see the bigger picture.  This was not about my breakthrough, but yours.  Every true believer is an evangelist.  Every true believer is a deliverer and a vessel through which Daddy will be releasing His miracle working power in this season.  You may be feeling like He is using everyone but you, but I promise you this: He hasn’t forgotten you.  Be faithful to what He has given you to do right now.  Release what He has put within you already.  Go to where He calls you, even when your flesh tells you that you can’t.  He will show up in that perfect moment and change everything about your life.  Now is the season, and those that believe it are going to receive everything that has been promised to us.

Blessings, Ray