June 2018 Newsletter - "Neogenesis" by Dr. Roni Burton

Shalom Saints,

Among the definitions for the word neogenesis is “the regeneration of biological tissue,” “the formation of new minerals” or in biology, “regeneration, new or renewed formation,” (1).  After all, the focus of Forerunner Ministries Int’l is the regeneration of all things, as said by Christ in Matt 17:11.

This really mean all things!  From sub-atomic particles, to the largest galaxies, to the intimacy and mystery of our relationship to Yah.

I was thinking of the process of gluconeogenesis; that’s the making of ‘new glucose’ or new sugar.  This happens when the body needs energy, and it is not available for extended periods of time; for example, periods of fasting or persons experiencing starvation.  The three primary sources of energy are glucose (sugars), fats, and proteins.  The brain’s preferred source of energy is glucose.  When there is a lack of an external source (i.e. eating), the brain still needs glucose.  Thus, Yahweh designed the liver to make sugar for the brain in a process called gluconeogenesis.  It is beautifully complicated.  The briefest explanation is that the liver uses the protein in your muscles to make sugar.  This is why muscle loss is a part of extended fasting.

To make something new.  To regenerate it again!  In Matt 19:28 Yeshua/Jesus speaks of “the regeneration.”  In Greek it’s the word paliggenesia, which has several meanings in it.  These include spiritual rebirth or renovation; specifically, Messianic restoration (Strong’s G3824).  Genesis is also in this word genesis (G1078), which speaks to the regeneration of nature; and genea (G1074) which speaks to the generation of nations, age, time.

Paul says that “the whole creation groaneth and travileth in pain together until now.”  What is the creation groaning for?  The regeneration of ALL things.  Yeshua/Jesus did it when He walked here.  He “regenerated blind eyes,” (John chapter 9).  He regenerated dead bodies (John 11:14 &43).  He regenerated the leper’s skin to new (Mark 1:40).  Yeshua regenerated withered hands (Luke 6:8).  And so many other ‘regenerations’ that the world could not hold the books if they were all written down (John 21:25).  And Yeshua promised that greater ‘regenerations’ than these shall we do. (John 14:12).  Mark 16:17-18 describes the signs that will follow them that believe.  These signs have followed our pastor Michael Petro for the past 15+ years, including the regeneration of the dead, physically and spiritually.  The time for the “greater works” is here.

I am excited that we get to continue the work of creation with our Father, Ha Elyon and restore all things.  Until next time, blessings!


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  2. King James Version of the bible with Strong’s definitions