May 2018 Newsletter - "Fear and Disease" by Dr. Roni Burton, MD

“And God said, let there be Light, and there was Light”; (Gen 1:3) …and there was order. That was the creation of all things in Spirit, which was good (Gen 1:4). We know that only Yah (God) is good (Mark 10:18) and that all things work together for good to them that love Yah (Rom 8:28).

So why is there disease, which most often is accompanied by fear? The reason is because there is a break in trust; a break in the intimacy of relationship with Yah; a break in the DNA of Yah’s word, the Seed (Luke 8:11). Adam was asked a simple but deep question by Yah after he made the foolish choice in the garden. Where are you Adam? And he said, “I heard thy voice in the garden, and I was afraid, because I was naked; and I hid myself,” (Gen 3:9,10). It’s the first mention of being afraid.

All of us are being asked the same question.

We are reminded in 1Tim 1:7 that Yah did not give us the spirit of fear, which is the source of disease, but we are given power, love, and the sound mind of Christ. We are to let the words of Christ (the anointing of Yah) dwell in us richly in wisdom (Col 3:16). Why? Because Christ’s words are spirit and life (John 6:63). His words then dwelling in those who believe; in whom the rhema word (the mystery that is the revelation of Christ) is alive and active and will speak life, with the power of Elijah restoring all things (Matt 17:11). Through the letters of the Aleph Bet, Yah spoke the words of life that created man “very good,” (Gen 1:31). “… the letters of the Aleph Bet preceded Creation. Being that Yah willed Creation through His dictation, Lashon Hakodesh, The Holy Tongue was indeed the language of Yah communicated through the Divine will was translated into physical reality. Thus, the Aleph Bet is nothing less than the DNA of creation!” (1)

We are seeing the reversal of terminal genetic diseases, specifically batten disease, due to the power of spoken Word. We are seeing the elimination of depression and bipolar disease without medications. Stage 4 cancers are healed in Yahusha’s/Jesus’ name. Addictions in multiple forms are healed by the power of the Holy Spirit. Not to mention the resurrection of the dead (from dead religion; with the evidence of four persons so far resurrected from physical death through pastor Michael Petro). Yahusha said we would cast out devils, speak the ‘new tongue’ of mysteries, not be affected by the venomous teachings of serpents, and heal the sick with the laying on of hands,(Mark 16:17,18). Every one of these signs is following Forerunner Ministries International led by pastor Michael Petro. Beloved, this is only the beginning of wonders. Yahusha said for those that believe Him they will do greater works than He did (John 14:12).

The apostle Paul reminds us that no man has seen or heard or can even imagine the things that are coming for those who love Yah (1 Cor 2:9). Those things are beginning now! Come and join us in the restoration of all things. Shalom.

References: All scripture references: New King James Version of the Bible. (1) The Mystical Meaning of the Aleph-Bet: The DNA of Creation by Rabbi Jonathan Reitti