March 2018 Newsletter - "Crossing Over to Freedom" by Patricia Vallejo

My journey with Yeshua started when I was 6 years old. When I first saw a picture of Him on the cross, I remember thinking, “Why is that man in so much pain?” Growing up in a home where Yeshua was not mentioned, I never asked anyone about what I saw that day. The next few years were some of the most painful and long-suffering years of my life. Spirits of witchcraft through generational curses took a hold of me at an early age. At about the age of 8, strongholds of fear, gluttony, and homosexuality came into my life. A father who tormented my mother, a full-time working mom, caused loneliness, resulting in using food to bring comfort. I also dropped out of school because of a male bully (really a demon) who would physically hurt me (poke me with pencils and call me names in front of other kids because of my weight). The spirit of homosexuality was a generational curse in my family and an open portal for insecurity and confusion and many other strongholds to form in my life.

I gave my life to Yeshua in 2003 and stayed at my former church for 13 years. Although I went to church for many years, I never knew who my Heavenly Father really was. I just knew Him by name.

When I first starting coming to the Early Church Fathers class at Forerunner, I thought everyone was an alien from another planet, because I didn't understand what was being said! I now know that it was my carnal man warring against my spirit man! As the Father began to reveal more about these Apostles of the first 300 years after Christ, I began to see that these men truly loved Yeshua by the way they studied the word of God. They made new converts go through 3 years of catechumen classes (beginner classes) seven days a week to see if they would qualify to continue on after that. They were disciplined men of God who fasted most of the time, as far as fasting up to 40 days! The Early Church Apostles of God taught great knowledge of the mysteries and secrets in the parables of God’s Word. They paid the ultimate price; most of them were martyred. I was amazed how they studied to show themselves approved, lived holy lives, and were radical for Yeshua, having long services of up to 12 hours! It began to show me how I could overcome my fleshly desires through fasting and discipline to study God’s divine Word.

“Therefore let us repent and pass from ignorance to knowledge, from foolishness to wisdom, from licentiousness to self-control, from injustice...” - Clement of Alexandria

At first it was difficult for me to understand the mysteries of the Word. I know the enemy doesn't want me to be in this revelation, because he can’t understand it -- he only knows the letter of the Word. Through understanding the revelatory Word, I now have authority. The Word says to trample on serpents and scorpions and over all power over the enemy (my carnal mind)! I began to ask Yeshua in prayer for understanding, and I began to seek Him. As I began to leave old habits and mindsets, He began to release more to me. Halleluyah small victories felt so huge!! My spirit man began to shift when Apostle Mike released teachings about the marriage covenant with Yeshua! This was a powerful impartation when I began to experience being impregnated with the life-giving seeds of the mysteries and secrets. When the seed (the word of God, sperm) enters our mind, we have entered into a consummation, like a couple having sexual intercourse. Therefore, when I study God's Word, and the seed begins to enter my mind (womb), I find myself growing more in love with Yeshua in His word. Time with the Word has changed my life. With all the classes we have at church, I try to study as much as I can. When I began coming to Forerunner I thought, "Wow these services are too long!" But now I look forward to a nice long service to receive all Yeshua has for me!

Now I have a greater understanding that Christ died for us to set us free from the dead letter. He gives us the new wine, the revelation of His Word! The Father is building a remnant for this end time move, and He wants us all to come to that covenant with Him. What an amazing journey this has turned out to be! I now understand that all the hardships and everything I have experienced up to now has been to prepare me for this new season of my life.

Through Apostle Mike releasing the mysteries and secrets, I have found freedom from bondage in all areas of my life! God’s Word is sharper than any 2-edged sword, and I look forward to the cutting away of more flesh and carnality and more seeds of revelation from the Holy Spirit. I am still going through my process, but the revelation of God's Word brought hope to me. For the first time I have the fear of God - the beginning of wisdom. I am grateful for Apostle Mike who has come in the spirit of Elijah, who is imparting the Father’s nature to us through the breaking open of the seed, to bring us the rhema of His Word! Thank You Father as You continue to fill me with Your precious Word that’s removing my veils! I am daily crossing over into my promise land. Hallelujah!