March 2018 Newsletter - "The Harvesters" by Ray McDowell

There is a massive level of expectation in the air right now, and it is growing. What an excitement, seeing Dad’s vision begin to manifest around us! It seems as though the words given by Pastor Thomas Cherian are being fulfilled on a daily basis. Everything is all about gathering the harvest right now. My prayer is that we are all ready for it. When we take into consideration the gravity of what is upon us, we must realize that Apostle Michael simply is not able to carry all the souls being sent to us by himself. That’s what we are all being trained up for! Now is the time that we are either going to be serious about the job that we’ve been called to do or be bypassed when the Lord brings someone else in to do it. I want to share about the burden that has been put on my heart. I believe this is a job that every one of us is called to do -- even more so with what is coming.

I’m just going to be blunt. In days past, we Forerunners have been too focused on ourselves. I get it though. This is a tough message, and at times we see some ugly dross coming up. I’ve been that guy for entirely too long, so aware of my own shortcomings that I’d felt inept in reaching out to others in their needs. There’s a spirit of poverty that tells us that we never have enough, and then we excuse ourselves from what the Father is calling us to do in the moment... As if we are one day going to “have it all together,” and then the Lord can finally use us. My bible tells a different story. I read of men who, yet in weakness, are used mightily. If we are doing things out of our own sufficiency then it is not the Lord doing it through us anyway! No, the Lord calls us to give even out of our own hardship. I see a shift taking place right now in which the Father is calling every one of us to take our focus from feeding ourselves to feeding others around us.

That being said, there are people in the body who are hungry right now. The Father is already bringing people in, and now it is the responsibility of every one of us to ensure that we are putting our hands on the net. You may not think that you have much, but the Lord has entrusted all of us with so much more than we truly realize. What I am suggesting is that we take on the role of shepherds in the sheepfold and seek to integrate those straggler sheep that are coming in. It doesn’t take much, just love for others and a desire to see them make it. If you have that, then you’re equipped. We all know intimately the battle that this Word brings into our lives, so let’s keep that in mind when new people arrive. They’re going through a lot, and we are really slacking as a church that is supposed to be releasing the true Agape love of Yah to the world, and we can’t even initiate a conversation with newcomers to make them feel welcome. Many newcomers tell me of their battle with staying, because they feel separated from everyone.

What about people that have come a few times but are struggling with understanding certain things? Are we just gonna let them drown? Dad has already said that there will be Godfathers raised up to handle this harvest, and I see a preparation for that now. You have much more to give than you know, and the Body of Christ needs what is in you. You may not think that you are a teacher and perhaps you haven’t been called to the pulpit, but we are all required to be able to teach others, even if it is just having a one-on-one bible study together. If the Lord shows you a brother or sister that could use a little help, know that you do have what it takes to build them up. We are a ministry that is expected to have answers for people, and it is our collective responsibility to retain those whom the Lord sends to us.

This may not seem to be an article about evangelism, but I assure you that it is a very important facet of evangelism. When I initially approached Apostle Michael with the idea of the Harvesters team, the first words out of his mouth were, “We need to evangelize our own church.” Even if you are not going door to door with us, every single person in the church should be evangelizing within. The Father isn’t asking much, just that you give your life to see others saved and set free. Get out of your comfort zone. Quit hugging the same group of friends you say hi to every Sunday, and go show these people coming in that the Lord cares about them.