February 2018 Newsletter - "The Harvesters" by Ray McDowell

This team of Forerunner Harvesters is growing to become something truly beautiful.  I see the hand of the LORD shaping it into something new and uniquely His from what we’ve witnessed in the past.  We won’t be swinging the sickle with the arm of the flesh.  The vision for Forerunner Ministries International is one of dying to self and becoming that purified vessel that Yahuah can move through.  Why shouldn’t evangelism be the same?  That being said, this is a season of consecration for the entire crew.  The Harvesters are being yoked together with the Deliverance Team to plow with a joy in holiness and righteousness.  As we get everything of ourselves out of the way, Yah will be magnified though us in every area! My whole being knows this is going to be a supernatural ministry, and everyone being used in it will be activated in the gifts necessary to reach the masses. Our experiences thus far have varied widely.  Going door to door is exciting and unique where we run into all sorts of people.  Some people won’t even open their screen door to speak with you, much less allow someone to pray for them.  Others have been so hungry that they immediately invited us into their homes.  There are people just like us out there (unknowingly), just waiting for that knock on the door that will change their lives for eternity.  Many have already left the religious system, seeing the deception that is spreading infectiously within.  The broken world out there is looking for what we have been given!  Even for one soul, every slammed door is worth it.   The value of a single life cannot be compared to any battle through weakness and discouragement.   All of our preparation, prayer, and fasting is not in vain!  As revealed to me by a beloved brother, “What is the price of a soul?  Your own life.”

The Father has been faithful to plow the ground before us and has set up some truly divine appointments.  One such occasion was a sister who had been listening to Apostle Michael on the radio but didn’t know who he was.  This sister was ecstatic to meet us and eager to come to service!  She has joined us for the past couple of weeks now, and I rejoice to see what Yah is going to do in her and through her in the future.  Every person is so very unique and precious, y’know?  I can’t help but celebrate with Heaven over every addition to our family.

I also want to share just a little morsel of what the Father has been speaking to me lately.  Many of us only get to know Apostle Michael (hereafter affectionately referred to as “Dad”) from behind the pulpit.  He preaches with such a burning passion for Truth that it has been wrongly perceived as anger by a lot of folks.  Of course we know that it’s the love of Yah coming through him, but there’s no question about it - he definitely releases the Lion’s roar.  I’m bringing this up, because I want to share another facet of the diamond that perhaps you’ve never seen before.  Some of us have had the privilege of seeing Dad in his one-on-one dealings with others and I want to share my experience.  See, it’s not that he acts differently outside of church.  There has to be wisdom used in all of our dealings with others, and recognizing how to be a priest in every situation only comes through experience and sensitivity to Holy Spirit.  He really is a spiritual father and as such, he has the true patience of a father, coupled with gentleness.  A parent doesn’t hold their child’s immaturity against them.  They understand where their children are in life and continually encourage them to take the next step in growth.  There are things that parents won’t tell a kid yet, because they just aren’t ready to hear it yet.  Many times I’ve seen Dad look past people’s ignorance and respond gently with a word to encourage them to come a little higher in their understanding, even when he could have easily released a harsh correction.

This brings us to what Yahuah has been pressing into me.  2 Timothy 2:24- 26 reads, “And the servant of the Lord must not strive; but be gentle unto all [men], apt to teach, patient, In meekness instructing those that oppose themselves; if God peradventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth; And [that] they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him at his will.”

Here we find the quintessence of an evangelist’s heart.  He tells us not to strive because we are not to “strike down our adversaries” through our own might, but to show a lost child the love of Yah and allow Him to soften their hearts to the truth.  This love is released in as many different ways as there are people to receive it, and understanding what our role is will help us to prepare our hearts to express it accordingly.  Epios is the greek word for “gentle” used above here in verse 24.  To sum things up for you, this word speaks of the disposition of a nursing mother toward a trying child.  It is also used for teachers with stubbornly resistant students and of a physician’s function with a patient who is non-responsive to treatment.  See the pattern here?  Yah is saying that we are dealing with someone whose life depends on what we have to give them and yet they just aren’t receiving it like we would like them to.  A baby messes its diaper.  Does the mother spank the baby and tell him how he needs to stop doing that?  Of course not!  She expects it because of the baby’s age.  What does she do then?  Continue feeding the hungry baby whatever milk he can handle, knowing that if he eats he will eventually mature past those things.  When spiritual babies reveal the immaturity that is in them, we have to expect it.  You don’t have to outright attack the theology or sin, whatever it may be.  As Yeshua said, “If your enemy is hungry, feed him.”

We have to feed the part of the Christ-man that is in them that is crying out for food.  Stubborn babies reject the bottle.  That’s okay.  They will take it when they get hungry enough.  What we can do is to choose, really choose.  Seeing them not as our wicked enemy who is opposing the truth but as a trapped prisoner who is caught unless the love of Yah breaks open in front of their eyes.  Fight the battle of your King.  We can become this manifestation when we choose to let His care for them permeate us to nurture someone’s soul and lead our actions and words, which drowns our desire to be right.

I want to thank all of you for your support and continuing prayers. As this branch of the ministry continues to grow, I know we are all in for the big changes within.  Stay tuned for more exciting updates.  I know Yahuah has many things in store for all of us in the coming months!

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