January 2018 Newsletter - "The Harvesters" by Ray McDowell

As many of you may have already heard, Forerunner Ministries International is pleased to announce the birthing of a new department, dotingly dubbed “The Harvesters”.  Finally, our five-fold ministry has an official finger of evangelism to reach out with the teachings delivered to us by our Apostle of God.  This branch of the ministry is still in the infantile stages and as such, there are many details still being worked out; that's kind of how the Father teaches us though, isn’t it?  Many times, He will give us the vision for where He wants to take us but not necessarily the whole picture for how to get where we’re going.  He throws us into the fire against insurmountable odds and tells us to move forward, one step at a time.  We feel unprepared and insufficient…  Here, we have Pharaoh’s army at our backs and the raging waters of the Red Sea fencing us out from the new season that Father has promised us.  Doubt sets in and we cry out to the Lord for His salvation!  His response? “Why are you crying to me?  Didn’t I tell you to go forward?”  We must trust the rod that’s been put in our hands, saints!  It’s time to take what has already been deposited into us and move forward, even when it seems that there is no way.  I know this is supposed to be an article about our evangelism team, but I really want to share what the Lord has been speaking to me in this season to prompt the establishment of this ministry.  I feel that it is a Rhema word for our body in this very moment of transition to a much different season for all of us. Total transparency on my part is necessary for you to understand how this word has changed my life. Just a couple months ago, I was in a very difficult place, spiritually.  Abaddon was trying to take me out.  I felt like giving up.  I felt like I had no purpose.  I felt separated from God.  I was crying out for the Lord to show up.  “Heal me!  Set me free!  Let me feel your presence!  I need You so badly right now that I’m useless to anyone.”  Dad’s ways are higher than ours, and I’m inexpressibly thankful that He didn’t answer those prayers the way that I had wanted.  I just wanted consolation for a spiritual issue that would have disappeared for a while before resurfacing again if it wasn’t for Truth to change my way of thinking.  So, Yahuah brings me over to Haggai chapter 1.  I’ll just paraphrase what He says and you guys can check it out for yourselves.

Everything that you do seems fruitless.  There’s much teaching being received, but it’s not producing the change that it should.  You’re wondering why you are in a place of lack in your life, and it’s for one reason: you’re too focused on yourself.  I have purposely kept you from moving forward, because I am calling you to take your eyes off yourself and your needs and issues and to put your efforts toward building My house, My people.  Become a sacrifice, not just for your relationship with me, but take what I’ve already given you and use it to build others.  When you change your focus to that of selfless giving even in your place of lack, I will bless you and meet your needs.

Ok, maybe that’s a bit more than a simple reiteration, but that is the spirit of what the Lord spoke to me through that passage.  There’s one other account of which Dad reminded me that drove another nail in the coffin of that old mindset.

In Luke 21, we have a story of Yeshua watching people give into the treasury.  “And he said, Of a truth I say unto you, that this poor widow hath cast in more than they all: For all these have of their abundance cast in unto the offerings of God: but she of her lack hath cast in all the living that she had.”  This woman understood the spiritual economy of God.  She was poor and didn’t have enough for herself but she knew that in giving those minuscule two mites that she did have, God would meet her needs as well.  We all have an offering to bring to the Lord, and what He requires is not what we don’t have, but those things that we do have.  The mentality that says that “I’ll give when I have more of an abundance” must die.  We compare ourselves to others who have much (spiritually) and think that we have nothing to give.  “I’ll just sit here and watch, rubbing my two mites together”.  The Lord is calling this Body to step up and take our positions.  There’s a whole harvest out there and we are the ones holding it back, because we haven’t gotten past ourselves yet.  Put your two mites in the offering, saints.  The Lord will meet all your needs when you determine to make your life about being what someone else needs.

This brings us back to the evangelism ministry.  As soon as I decided to put my focus here instead of myself, Dad started bringing breakthrough.  He is absolutely amazing in His ways.  This ended up being more of a personal testimony than an update, so let me just give you guys a quick rundown of what’s happening with the Harvesters.  We’re going door to door praying for people, seeking to meet people’s needs, and sharing the love of Jesus.  We don’t have to give people anything super deep for it to be life changing.  Sometimes people just need to see that someone genuinely cares.  This is where we really need that discernment of the Holy Spirit that was released corporately – We must be sensitive to what part of Jesus people need for where they are.  There is also a private Facebook page dedicated to requests for people that we meet (household needs, etc.) so Forerunners can give into this work in other ways as well.  Be sure to follow that page!  It’s a great opportunity to have a hand in the harvest for those not going door to door with us.  Thanks for giving me an ear and many blessings to you brothers and sisters.

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