January 2018 Newsletter - "My Testimony Out of the Land of Egypt" by Sylvia Wing

Exo 20:2  I am the LORD thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.Mizvot 1


This is the scripture has truly set me free from religion and from my former church that was under witchcraft (to be precise). This is the one scripture that opened the door to the Truth for me, because I understand that Egypt is within myself: the wickedness of the heart and the double mindedness. I made some bad decisions in the past, causing my family to suffer because I was tossed around by good and bad doctrine. But now knowing the spiritual understanding, all of a sudden the logs in my eyes are removed, and now I can see.

I live in Birmingham UK, and I had been attending the former church since 2012. I genuinely thought I was in the right place at the time, as I could see my children were settling in well, the leaders loved GOD, there were miracles and signs that were happening, and they also taught us how to unlock scripture with e-Sword… I was pleased with what I was learning; however, things within the church had shifted strangely in the beginning of 2015. I yielded to their bad counsel, causing a series of warfare attacks that my family and I are still dealing with now, and meanwhile the church leader left and closed down the church.

I have to praise Yah for all the messiness that had happened in my family. His eyes are still on my family. In the lowest point in my life, I felt I was being stroked with the 10th plague of Egypt, but it woke me up. At the same time I had already started to listen to teachings and the live stream from Forerunner Ministries International from Apostle Mike Petro (special thanks to my Forerunner UK families who brought me the teachings and Mitzvoth to my house). The more I listened to the Truth, the more I could discern the rights and wrongs in the interpretation of Scripture. I had also made prayer requests on the Forerunner website and was contacted by their pastors who called me and prayed for me at the time.

Knowing I am still far from perfect, I cannot discredit what Yah has done in my life. Through the teachings I realised I was prideful, as I always saw myself as an educated person and had lovely parents who had always been supportive throughout my life. I really shouldn’t have been making the mistakes that I had made, but religion can really rip you off, once you are in it; just like what happened to the traveller in the parable of Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25). He was completely stripped down and wounded by the thief (false teacher), and only oil and wine could heal his wounds. I also realised that I was lazy for not searching out the Truth myself (2 Tim 2:15, Pro 25:2), for which I was delivered from any resentment that I could have toward the false teachers. I understood why it is much harder to discern the rights and wrongs once you are under the false/mixture of teachings, since you are already drunk with their wine (Isa 29:9). A drunken person never admits he/she is drunk, do they? To leave the false teaching is the only way to receive the Truth, the pure interpretation, and to let the Truth set you free (John 8:32).

The most dangerous part of having a mixture of teachings is when there is spiritual understanding within, because the spiritual understanding carries powers to change mindsets and lives. So does false kingdom, as Satan works as a dark mirror, mirroring Yah’s Kingdom. His twisted teachings carry power too but the power to torment and to confuse. The former church brought up teachings from Apostle Mike in parts, from time to time; however, we were told only listen to it when being lead, so really it was not freely given to us.

Since then, I have fully submitted myself to the true teachings, and I can recognize the teachings from Apostle Mike Petro to bring chastisement but NOT condemnation, as it brings encouragement at the same time. I can also identify that I have been set free from things like depression, unforgiveness, torment in dreams, and I know there were more and many more to come. I can recall myself throwing up a couple of times when the teaching was on, but I had to give my sacrifice as well for which the deliverance that happened when I was fasting at the same time. I also want to thank all of you for your prayers and testimonies from all the saints in Forerunner Ministries International. It is my honour to be able to even hear the teachings. For now, I just want to keep pressing in and falling in love with Yah more than before. This is not an option, but the only way to live.

Blessings, Sylvia

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