November 2017 Newsletter - "Birthing in Genesis" by Pastor Juanita Bequeath

The way back into the Promised Land (our glorified body) according to Yeshua is to get eyes to see and ears to hear (Matt 13:15, Mark 8:18 and Acts 28:27).  Every major prophet in the Tanach taught that you had to get eyes to see and ears to hear (Deut. 29:4, Isa 6:10, Jer. 5:21, Ez. 12:2).  Of course all of us have natural eyes.  They didn't mean natural understanding; they meant spiritual understanding of the Word. How do you get spiritual eyes?  The Holy Spirit (Ruach of Yah) is the teacher and counselor (John 14:26).  He teaches us as we ruminate upon the Word.  King David in Psalms tells how through rumination (meditation), he received more understanding than all his teachers (Ps 119: 97-99).

Genesis 1 is not just an account of how the natural world came into being; it is an account of how we also become a spiritual being.  It starts with darkness (Hebrew: choskek) being upon the face of the deep and the Spirit of God (Ruach) moving upon the face of the waters.  Waters is the Hebrew word "mayim".  Mayim can be good or bad.  Some of the definitions are refreshment, juice, semen (which carries seed), or urine, danger, violence all carrying negative meanings.  Figuratively there are waters from heaven (the understanding of God's Word), or there are waters of the earth (our own thoughts, just as urine comes from us).  There are clean waters, and there are waters that have been muddied by dust or dirt from the ground.  There is drinking water and there is waste water.  Water can carry seed (semen).  It can carry the seed Word that is able to birth a spiritual being, or it can carry our own thoughts which will always keep us in carnality.

When Adam fell, God did not leave us without hope.  Because in our fallen state we could not handle Light or True Life (the Tree of Life), he clothed the Light (Light of the first day - Light of God) in darkness.  Look at the word for darkness, "choshek".  Choshek in Hebrew not only means darkness - it means secret place.  Inside the darkness is the transforming Light and Life.  Now we know that the Tree of Life is also the Torah (the Word of YHVH), but we are prevented from eating from that Word until we go through the darkness first.  The darkness makes us go through the transforming process so that we can handle what we eat.

In my article "The Two Trees," I explained that there are also two Torahs.  There is the dead letter Torah and the Torah of Life.  Paul says the law is our schoolmaster to bring us to Messiach, restoring us to God.  If you can’t understand it, it is also the darkness.  Once a student comes into completion, he no longer needs the schoolmaster, he comes out of darkness.

Let's look again at Genesis 1.  Verse 2 says, "And the earth was without form and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters."

Figuratively speaking, the earth "without form and void" is us.  Darkness upon the face of the deep is the veil that has been placed over the deep things (revelation of the mysteries) of God, and it is the veil that Father has put to protect us and lead us back to our spiritual state.  The True Torah is the deep mysteries, but you will never see the True Torah unless you see that the natural dead letter is the darkness and the gateway that leads to the True Torah inside.  God never took the Tree of Life away from us - He only clothed it with a veil.  He clothed it in darkness.

"And the Spirit of God/Ruach moved upon the face of the waters."  Wow.  The word moved in Hebrew is "rachaph," which means to hover, and to brood as a bird broods over it's nest.  If you have been tracking with us, we said earlier that the Holy Spirit is the teacher and counselor.  He is the one who is going to bring about a birthing of the seed Word in us.  As we meditate on the Word of Torah, the seed or outside of the shell breaks off and the Life comes forth.  The veil is opened to the Tree of Life, and we are now eating from true YHVH, eternal life.

The process is also explained as Spirit and Truth.  We know Truth is the Word, or Torah.  Spirit is the Ruach or Holy Spirit.  Yeshua said, “They that worship me must worship me in Spirit and Truth.”  When making covenant, the bird was not supposed to be cut in half like the other sacrifices.  That is because the two wings represent Spirit and Truth.  You MUST have both together or you go into error.  When you have the Word of God and allow the Holy Spirit to brood over it as you ruminate, then you will have the spiritual meaning or Life birthed out.  It is birthed out in you, and it will transform you.  It will start the process of bringing you into the TRUE PROMISED LAND.

It is also the bitter waters of our thinking being transformed by the seed or heavenly waters of YHVH.  The waters of YHVH are dominant Y chromosome waters which will also transform us (another teaching).  That is why the tree cast into the waters of Marah made the waters sweet.  When you get the understanding of the Torah from the Tree of Life, you will have a transformation of your mindset from thinking your own urine thoughts to thinking the thoughts of God.  Eventually you will become one with Him.

*[[Joh 17:23]] KJV* I in them, and thou in me, that they may be made perfect in one; and that the world may know that thou hast sent me, and hast loved them, as thou hast loved me.