September 2017 Newsletter - "Eyes That See" by Dr. Roni Burton, MD

Shalom saints!  There are many phrases in language that relate to our sense of vision, like “Can you see me now?” or “I can’t see it.”  It so happens that our sense of vision is the most dominant sense in human beings.  The occipital lobe of the brain is the part of the brain responsible for our vision and is the largest lobe relative to human senses.  For a dog it’s his nose.  An eagle has excellent vision designed to see as far as two miles away. The Word says, “without vision people perish,” (Prov 29:18).  We are being asked to have eyes to see beyond what we can see in the natural.  That’s a different type of vision.  In his book “A Time to Advance” Chuck Pierce talks about a vision, which one may call a “mind set.”  If one is barbarian and is like a beast, then he is driven by his senses.  It’s kill or be killed, survival of the fittest; it’s Darwinian.  “The basic operating principle is fear.”(1)

If one is a Greek, then one is analytical, empirical, where “human reason is supreme and won’t accept what is incomprehensible”(2) and truth is defined based on logical conclusions of empiric evidence.  The analytical mind then being it’s own source of truth elevates human reasoning (man’s) as supreme, thus eliminating faith in God who cannot be measured or controlled and defies logical constraints.  “Basically, they worshiped man… the operating principle of a Greek mindset is pride that filters through a humanistic intellect.”(3)

The Hebrew mindset believes in a supreme God (YAHUHA) who created the universe, and we are His children.  The universe reveals His mind.  The basic message is to figure out what I have done using all of your being (your spirit, mind and body) and to learn to see how I see.  “A Hebrew mindset is the mind of one who has been transformed by the truth of God”.(4) (see Rom 12:2)  I am in the latter third in that Yah has given me a logical mind and I can look at the things in the world and be conscious of the mindset I am seeing through based upon belief.  So how do we see?

The law of first mention of the word “see” is in Gen 2:19 where Adam was presented “every beast of the field, and every foul of the air… to see what he would call them”.  The Hebrew word for see is raah.  The Ancient Hebrew Lexicon of the Bible for this word see Strong’s # H7200 says the following:

ac: See co: See ab: Appearance V) (Ear% R-AH) - See: To see or perceive something or someone. Also to see visions. [A generic verb with a wide application meaning "to see"] [freq. 1313] ( |kjv: see, look, behold, shew, appear, consider, seer, spy, respect, perceive, provide, regard, enjoy, lo, foresee, heed| {str: 7200}.

As with most Hebrew words, there is more than meets the eye.  Among the meaning of to see is to perceive, appear, consider, etc.  There are both figurative and literal understandings.

As with all of our being, we reflect the “triangular forms of godliness” as Methodius (an early church father d. c. 311) describes it.  That is we are spiritual, mental, and physical.

Our vision also takes on this triangular nature.  Beyond the physical photo-receptors of the eye, there is the mental component of what is seen, perceived, and understood.  The spiritual vision is more rich, complex, and mysterious depending on the mindset one is governed by.

Among the wonders observed here at Forerunner Ministries International is that as were are unveiling the mysteries of the secrets of the kingdom, we are seeing the manifestation of that power in areas related to our natural experience.  To be able to see is to see the mysteries of the kingdom which is through the Holy Spirit. (1Cor 2:13)  That is not a physical sight but is a parabolic understanding of biblical symbolism which allow us to see (perceive and understand), which is to have an appearing of the kingdom of Yah.

Take these two scriptures for example: “And you shall be like a tree planted by the rivers…” (Psalm 1:3) and “I see men as trees…” (Mark 8:24).  Here we see trees representing the righteousness of Yah and water being the revelation of his Word.  The scriptures are overflowing with examples of how to see.  Yahushua (Jesus) healed many blind eyes.  And that also has been the history of Forerunner Ministries.  I have worn glasses since I was twelve years old, but now I find that my glasses are getting in the way of my vision and when I take them off I see better.  I have what is called farsightedness and now I can drive very safely without my glasses, although I still use them in low light conditions.  I’ve notice instead of my progressive lenses being an aide, often times it gets in the way.  I claim that as a part of my progressive healing of my vision.

A testimony of the power of Yah to heal not only our spiritual eyes but also our physical sight is that of woman who was given supernatural sight through the power of the Holy Spirit under pastor Michael Petro.  She was the victim of a drive-by shooting, where the orbit of her eye was destroyed with the loss of her physical eye.  Upon receiving healing from Yah, she was able to see clearly from the empty socket while covering her remaining eye.  Several eye witnesses to that miracle verify it occurred.  This is an example of the power of Yah to heal and restore.  If we have eyes to see, which begins first in the spiritual, then we have eyes to see in a different way of thinking; then we can have eyes to see a manifestation of that miraculous power in the natural.  I am convinced that the consistent manifestation of the power of Yah is forth-coming and is around the next moment.  All the prophetic signs are in alignment.  Those with eyes to see are seeing the manifestations in the physical world.  They are seeing the changes in governmental systems manifesting, as there is deeper perception based on seeing spiritually.  To get eyes to see is to see by the Spirit of Yah.  Those who have the Spirit of Yah are the sons of Yah.  They see as Yah.  The apostles and prophets have the keenest vision behind the Mystery (see Eph. 3); Yahushua being the Mystery.  Those that have eyes to see have an appearing of Christ through the revelation of His Word; to those with prophetic ears and eyes (Amos 3:7) a “seeing” can happen.  First spiritually, then that “seeing” can be expressed through the voice of Yah’s prophet to create eyes, create ears, create limbs and anything else restoring the creation. (Matt 19:28)  Yahushua (Jesus) when He walked the earth healed many physically blind eyes, which was a symbol of the greater healing: healing the spiritually blind. (Matt 13:11)

Yahushua’s invitation is to get eyes to see and ears to hear, which is to have a spiritual understanding that we may crossover to seeing from behind the material realm into the Spirit of Yah operating in the glory of Yah so that we can restore the earth minus the diseases of the eye in the natural or any other disease for that matter.  I am excited as a healer; I was trained as an MD and I am convinced based on my present experience that those with Eyes That See will see manifested in the natural The Word of Yah.

Those that are given to the empiric evidence of the natural only will soon have to make a choice.  Is Yah real or is He not?  Do I see it; or not?  My prayer is that we will have eyes to see and celebrate and the Mystery that is Yahushua.  Until next time, shalom.

References: (1-4) “A Time To Advance” by Chuck D. Pierce Bible verses:  King James Version