August 2017 Newsletter - "Wake Up! The Bridegroom is Coming!" by Cristine Ohlson & Jessica Millhouse

Part I by Cristine Olhson

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On August 21, 2017, North America will be experiencing something it has not experienced in 38 years: a total solar eclipse!  The majority of the country will not witness the total darkness, when the moon will completely block out the light from the sun for about two minutes.  The only cities that will see complete darkness are those that fall within the “path of totality.” This path will begin from the west in Oregon down across the country, ending in the east in South Carolina.  Right before the moon completely blocks out the light of the sun, a single bright flash of light is created on the side of the moon, which is known as the “diamond ring effect,” because it literally looks like a diamond ring.  A few seconds later, it’s total darkness.  In Luke 21:25, Yeshua says there will be signs in the sun, moon, and stars of His coming.  By now, we are well aware of the signs in the stars of the book of Revelation chapter 12 concerning the Virgo constellation and Jupiter currently in her womb.  Now what about the sun and moon?

The answer lies within the “diamond ring effect” of the upcoming solar eclipse.  In Hebrew, diamond is halam (H1986 in Strong’s), meaning to hammer, overcome.  Ring is the Hebrew letter samech, which speaks of completeness, the many cycles of revelation we go through during the purification process, and it is also symbolic of the wedding ring of His bride who is returning to the state of Adam before the fall.  Could this be a sign that Yeshua is coming for His bride, the remnant, the overcomers; those that have completely purified their souls through the sanctification process of the revelation?  In 1 Cor. 15:52, Paul says, “Behold, I show you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.” Twinkling is defined in almost all dictionaries as an intermittent brightness or light or sparkle, and we know diamonds do sparkle.  Seasoned eclipse chasers have described the view of the solar eclipse as “The Eye of God.”  Isn’t it interesting we have this diamond ring and the twinkling of an eye speaking of the final resurrection, which is the marriage, which is Yeshua and His bride becoming One; all tying to this one event that has not been seen in 38 years!  In Hebrew gematria, 38 speaks of His glory!  Tertullian has said,

“The resurrection is first, and afterwards the kingdom.  We say, therefore, that the flesh rises again, but that when changed it obtains the kingdom. ‘For the dead shall be raised incorruptible,’ even those who had been corruptible when their bodies fell into decay; ‘and we shall be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye. (1Co_15:52) For this corruptible’ – and as he spake, the apostle seemingly pointed to his own flesh – ‘must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality’ (1Co_15:53) in order, indeed, that it may be rendered a fit substance for the kingdom of God. ‘For we shall be like the angels.’ (Mat_22:30; Luk_20:36) This will be the perfect change of our flesh – only after its resurrection.”

Another interesting occurrence during the solar eclipse is the blue star known as Regulus being at its closest to the sun.  This is one of the brightest stars.  It is much larger and hotter than our sun.  It is also known as “the heart of the lion” of the Leo constellation.  It is also known as “little king.”


Part II by Jessica Millhouse

So, one thing that really tells us to pay attention closely to this event is the date it takes place.  The eclipse starts around 6:30pm in Israel on the first day of ELUL.  The month’s acronym means “I am beloveds and my beloved is mine,” Songs 6:3.  We know the marriage we all strive for is for the Church, the bride, to be married to her Husband Yeshua and take her true position.  One verse where we see the bride step into her fullness to become so unified with Christ that she literally looks just like him is in Rev. 5 where it says, “The Lamb who looked as though it had been slain.”  This is not the Lamb that was slain but the bride who now looks just like her husband, the Lamb who was actually slain!

Could that be why we can see this entire scene of the church in its fullness in Rev. 5 playing out in this physical manifestation of this eclipse on Aug 21?!  It is something to ponder, since the priests said they would see a “movie” play out on the veil of the temple to tell them how to restore the earth.  Could God be playing a scene for us in the heavens, a scene showing us how to restore the entire earth as KING PRIESTS?  In Gen 1:14 He said the heavens were for signs and seasons.

We already know the scene playing the following month (Tishri) of Rev 12, but what about the month before Rosh Hashanah (Tishri 1).  It’s actually 33 days before Rosh Hashanah, which is the exact age Jesus was when he completed what He was called to do to restore man.  The eclipse starts around the city SALEM, meaning shalom –  restoration completeness – and ends around the city of Charleston, which means Man.  So, could this scene be showing us how He intends for his HIGH PRIESTS in the earth to now RESTORE MAN back to before the fall?  Well I shall play out the scene for you that will take place, and you can decide for yourself.  I would also encourage each of you to present this to the Father and look at the picture He is playing in the heavens to seek the true meaning of it!  Let’s look at five interesting points of this event.

1.  Rev 5:1 says, “I saw on the right hand of Him who sat on the throne a scroll sealed with seven seals.” ‘Sealed’ speaks of something that was ‘covered,’ and the scroll speaks of light since God’s words are light as He is light, I John 1:5. So the sun being completely ‘covered’ shows us this sealed book!  But it says it was on the right hand of him who sat on the throne, so where is this throne?  Well one star you will see clearly during the eclipse, which so happens to be right next to the Eclipse or ‘sealed book,’ is the REGULUS star.  It is the called the KING star and the LION’S HEART, because it is in the heart of the LEO constellation AND it’s BLUE, just as sapphire.  Doesn’t the bible say the throne was blue as sapphire in Ezekiel 10:1?  Doesn’t a KING sit on a throne?  Isn’t Yeshua the LION of JUDAH?  So, we can clearly see this verse playing out as the eclipse happens!  AND THE SEALED BOOK OR ECLIPSE IS POSITIONED ON THE RIGHT HAND OF THE ‘THRONE’ OR REGULUS STAR!

2.  In Rev 5:4, it says John wept because no one could open the scroll because no one was found worthy to open or read the scroll or look at it. Well guess how long that book ‘stays sealed’ or the eclipse lasts?  About 2 mins.  Yeshua said when he left the world would go into darkness, and after He left we have been in darkness, or this church age as Apostle has taught, for about 2000 years.  The 40 Jubilees is just like the 40 years in the wilderness, which is 2000 years also represented by the approximate 2 minutes of darkness!  No one has been able to fully open this revelation before now, and that’s why even the Holy Place of the tabernacle is 2000 square cubits, which points to those 2000 years or 2 minutes!

3.  Rev 5:5 says, “One of the elders said to me, ‘Do not weep. Behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has prevailed to open the scroll and to loose its seven seals.” So where do we see this?  Well as the eclipse ends, the light starts to be revealed is what is called the ‘diamond ring effect,’ which all takes place in the heart of the LION or LEO constellation.  And since Diamond means ‘overcomer’ in Hebrew, it is at this moment we can see the ‘LION’ WHO ‘OVERCOMES’ STEP ONTO THE SCENE!

4.  In Rev 5:6-7, we see the Lamb that LOOKS AS IF IT HAD BEEN SLAIN go to take the scroll out of the right hand. So this is the bride who looks just like Yeshua, this bride who was also earlier called the Lion who overcame in the above verse.  And again this OVERCOMER or diamond effect is positioned on the RIGHT hand of the throne or REGULUS star playing out exactly as the verse reads!  Also the effect that happens with the Diamond Effect is called Baily’s beads.  What’s interesting here is the root word “Bail” sounds like the Hebrew word Baal, which we know was the name of a false god, but in Strong’s # 1166 & 1167 that root ‘BAAL’ can also speak of “husband and marriage.”  We are truly getting a picture of the remnant bride taking her true position!

5.  Rev 5:9-10 speak of how he is worthy to take and OPEN the scroll! And says that he has made a nation of KING PRIESTS.  And guess what the final stages you see are?  The moon completely moves out, and the sun is fully revealed again, so the Scroll is opened just as it is spoken of above!  And we have the marriage that has happened, producing KING PRIESTS!

The most interesting thing here is that all of these stages also happen before the eclipse but happen in reverse after the eclipse.  Is this not truly a reverse of the curse of ADAM?  We can also see what happened before as well, because Jesus THE LION OVERCAME (1st Diamond effect before the eclipse) becoming the husband for the church who was not ready( 1st Baily’s Beads before eclipse) and so instead went into darkness until Jesus THE LION OVERCAME again through his bride who is now ready to take position by opening the book and removing the darkness (2nd Diamond effect and Baily’s Beads after eclipse)!

One final note that I will mention since this is not an official term but once used by those who “Chase Eclipses” is the ‘GOD’S EYE’ phase.  When the eclipse happens, the full totality of the CORONA grows, which is the white part of the sun around the moon.  CORONA is Greek for CROWN!  At that point, it starts to look like an eye.  People called it GOD’S EYE… and did He not say that we will be transformed in the twinkle of an eye?  And transformed into what?  His CROWNED KING PRIESTS!  It is also interesting to see that from August 20 to the end of Rosh Hashanah is exactly 33 days, the same time it took for Yeshua to fulfill his position on earth when he was here.

The last thing I will leave you with is this.  Like me, you may be wondering where the seven seals in chapter 5 were in all this?  Well this total eclipse is strictly in the USA but in EXACTLY SEVEN YEARS –  maybe representing those SEVEN seals – there will be another eclipse seen around the world!  So could this be the remnant stepping into position to start removing those seven seals to bring in the Final Harvest around the world?  Could we be seeing Revelation 5 and Revelation 12 all before Yom Kippur as a final warning to take position to repent and die to self so we truly look like our husband ‘the Lamb that has been slain’?  So that then and only then we can truly become that overcoming Lion of Judah with Him?  Certainly food for thought and something to take to the Father personally to ask him what he is telling us because it is clearly a message to us, and we must not just be hearers or seers of HIS words but DOERS!