Forerunner Media Team Needs

Videography Department: 
The videography department focuses on bringing monthly testimonials and promotional videos to the ministry. Currently we have openings to volunteers who have a heart and passion to reach souls through video. Our departments heart is to engage our family across the world with the moments captured. As this team evolves so will the people in it, from a technical, creative and spiritual aspect.
Everyone approaching this area must have a Heart sold out to Messiah, seeking their own perfection in Him, and engaged to see the lost found, the sick healed, and the bound set free. -Raul 
Below is a small explanation, although not definitive of department roles that are needed and a brief overview of responsibilities.
Camera Operator & Assistant (1 person needed) 
  • Learn technical aspects of digital cameras: Dslr, Mirorless.
  • Learn in camera settings for different environments
  • Learn to use, tripods, stabilizers, and maintenance 
  • Learn lens choice, focal choice and applications
  • Setup cameras and maintain set workflow
Lighting Technician (2 people needed) 
  • Learn different aspects of lighting a set, room, scene 
  • Learn different types of lights and how to use them 
  • learn electrical safety & general setup and tear down of equipment 
  • Learn about light modifiers and application


If you are interested, please email or see Raul Ayala or Michael Holguin.