June 2017 Newsletter - "Healing is Supernatural" by Dr. Roni Burton

Why does a cut heal?  When a surgeon makes an incision to do surgery, and after the operation the skin seals; ever wonder why?  Broken bones mend.  Colds eventually go away.  Our bodies can adapt to exercise, diet, and lifestyle changes to become healthier or deteriorate for lack of those choices.  Why?  Notice the question is not ‘how’ does a cut heal but why.  There is a myriad of conditions that requires no medical intervention to resolve.  And unfortunately there is a plethora of diseases that supports a multibillion dollar behemoth of pills, procedures, medical devices, hospitals, nursing homes, transportation services and a whole host of other ancillary services including crematory and burial services when the above interventions fail.  The above is a reference to THE BODY component of the human being that needs healing.

What about THE MIND?  Why do mental wounds heal or not heal?  There are various mechanisms that a person may adapt to survive, manage, or cope with the “stress” that one may experience from such life traumas as the death of a loved one, divorce, surviving war, accidents, sexual assault, physical or emotional abuse, toxic religion, bullying, plus a host of others; the legion of spiritual predators of peace.  In science the initial body’s response to these kind of extreme stressors is often called the fight or fight response and involves an intricate release of neuro-hormonal responses to the stress.  Mediated by a part of the brain called the hypothalamus which send signals to various part of the body to release stress hormones such adrenalin, epinephrine, cortisol the release of which causes the rapid heart rate, breathing, dilated pupils in preparation to run or fight.  The imprint in the deep memory of these experiences can often lead to depression, self hatred, anxiety, panic disorders and others which may lead to self medication with alcohol, drugs, sex, overwork, exercise, religion, shopping, etc or to prescription drugs in the hope of quieting the pain in the mind.  The efficacy of these interventions is usually marginal, requiring chronic use of the substance which can lead to addiction, to alcohol for example, which may lead to diseases of the liver, or DWI, or accidental death.  What is the ‘driver’ for these behaviors?

Fear!  This addresses the third and highest component of our being.  THE SPIRIT.  While medical science has discovered much of the “how” of a process, but the “why” is far more complicated or simple depending on one’s view.  I’ve seen an acronym for fear; F-alse E-vidence A-ppearing R-eal, which is true if one is an anointed one (i.e. the word Christian means anointed, which comes from the Hebrew word mashiach).  A Christian is one anointed with the mysteries of the secrets of the kingdom (Matt 13:11).  Yehovah (God) has not given the anointed ones the spirit of fear (2Tim 1:7) but power, love, and a sound mind.  If one is not anointed, then fear rules the third component in various disguises.  Deuteronomy chapter 28 speaks of blessings and cursing and specific diseases [hemorrhoids, scab, itch- verse 27, madness, blindness, and astonishment of heart –that is fear (emphasis added)] which affects all three components of our being: spirit, mind, and body.

In Matt 4:23 we read of Yeshua (Jesus) preaching the mysteries of the kingdom with healing of all manner of sickness and disease following.  In Acts 5:15 His apostle Peter, filled with same anointing, does the same.  Peter’s shadow healed the sick and cast out unclean spirit (demons of fear), healing everyone he touched.

I have seen it!  Nathan, now a teaching pastor at Forerunner Ministries International, came with inflammation and osteoarthritis, addiction to pain medication, marijuana use, bleeding ulcer, and depression (medically documented diagnoses), all of which were healed under the anointed, revelatory WORD released by Apostle Michael Petro.  Mark 16:17-18 describes the signs that will follow them that believe.  Greater works than Yeshua did (John 14:12) are coming.

So, be it the body, mind, or the supernatural, it is Yehovah who heals.  Tatian, a second century father of the early church stated, “but medicine and everything included in it is an invention of the same kind.  If anyone is healed by matter, by trusting in it, much more will he be healed by having recourse to the power of God”.

The same Holy Spirit is able to heal the human spirit, soul, and body supernaturally.

Healing is supernatural!