June 2017 Newsletter - "All Night Worship & Prayer Conference" by Brittany Salsberry

On May 19, 2017 in Victorville, CA, Forerunner Ministries International had an all-night worship and prayer conference with Pastor Rudy Esqueda’s church, World Ministry United by the Cross. It was a powerful night of quality family time between the two churches to come together and declare and decree as kings for the nation, for our president, and for the glory that’s ahead. Pastor Michael Petro said, “We know that the glory of God is coming. There is no doubt the glory of God is coming.” Pastor Michael Petro released this prophecy along with many others for our nation and the world.

Pastor Michael shared with us how the Lord has already been preparing us for the glory, releasing that any time revelation is taught, it is a form of the glory being revealed. The word revelation is the word apocalypse, which means ‘to remove the veil.’ Receiving revelation from the Holy of Holies behind the veil is a preparation for the fullness of the glory on the earth.

While Pastor Rudy was praying for this country, Pastor Michael asked the Lord for understanding of what’s happening in America. He then addressed the congregation and said, “When the news is lying to you, something is wrong. This is where we get socialism and communism. That’s what happens in those countries. Clearly we are being lied to for a reason. I don’t believe it’s about parties anymore. I believe there is another agenda.” We as a church need to unite together as one in Christ, with one understanding of the Word of God so that we can bring restoration to the earth.

Pastor Michael continued to say, “The Lord spoke to me. He said you cannot stop what's coming. You cannot stop what has already been released. The Lord said the spirit of Abaddon has been released into the United States. Literally in Hebrew, Abaddon means separation. It means ‘to destroy by separation.’ It's not just here; it's been released all over the world.”

Pastor Michael Petro ended the night saying, “What's happening with Israel and Russia and Syria is the battle of Gog and Magog. The rabbis are already saying this is the battle of Gog. There is only one thing that happens after battle of Gog; that's when the kingdom comes to the earth. Abaddon has been released to separate those out of the religious systems, out of the church to make people look at things instead of Jesus. We need to be more focused now than ever before. The only people that could not be touched in the Old Testament were the high priests. The high priesthood could not be touched. They would be the first to run into battle. I've been saying since last year: the priesthood is being sealed. Jesus talks about anointing ourselves at the end of the age, that's a high priestly call. Everything is shifting right now. Just don't blow things off. The Bible says there were foolish virgins. The foolish did not take it serious. God removed them. The wise prepared themselves with oil. That time is coming to an end.”

Be prepared for the shift, buy the oil, and always release truth.