June 2017 Newsletter - Pastor Rudy Esqueda

On April 14th, 15th, and 16th, World Ministry United by the Cross joined together with Forerunner Ministries International in the same spirit to experience the manifestation of the Glory of Yeshua. In this gathering, we experienced the beginning of Revival, which I believe will ignite Southern California and continue throughout this whole nation and to other countries. It is a long waited prayer that Mike Petro and myself (Rudy Esqueda) have been asking the Lord for many years, even though we come from different nationalities and upbringings in the way we were raised to walk with God. A move has begun for the revelation of the Word of God and the understanding of Kingdom principles to be activated in the mind, hearts, and spirits of a Remnant. These people will walk in true holiness and exalt the King of kings and Lord of lords, not just by word of mouth but by actions, attitudes, a new way of living.

Prophet Mike Petro brought the revelation of the Word to the many different nationalities who gathered together in a hunger for the true teachings of the Word of Yeshua. I believe in my spirit that the revelation of God’s Word is going to move like a fire that has been ignited in the forest and cannot be contained. I also believe that this is going to extend beyond just this meeting into a massive move in the Hispanic and the Asian communities that will join together to become a remnant that Yeshua is calling out in these last days. This remnant will deal with the sin in the world, because there is no middle ground: you are either with Yeshua or you’re against Him.

I thank the Lord for these 3 days that have transformed mindsets that once were bound in Egypt but have been freed from the chains of slavery, which is the lack of understanding of the secrets of the Kingdom and the Glory realm, which Prophet Mike Petro taught.

We will not stop what the Lord has begun, and by faith we are declaring a powerful meeting for June 16, 17, and 18.  We will once again different nationalities, cultures, and denominations together for only one reason: to become a part of a remnant that God has called out of the desert. This is a fulfilment of a prophecy that many over the years have spoken – world revival will begin in Southern California.

Pastor Mike, Pastor Chun, and Pastor Rudy came together as One in body, Spirit, and mind so that the King will continue to be glorified.


Pastor Rudy Esqueda
World Ministry United by the Cross