March 2017 Newsletter - "First the Natural Then the Spiritual" by Jessica Millhouse

Apostle Mike has mentioned many times how first the natural then the spiritual, and we have seen many signs lately of fires, floods, and winds that we know to be signs of what is coming and the time we are in. But I still feel that some may not realize how specifically the Father is speaking and confirming what has been released from the pulpit, and so I wanted to share a deeper study God had me do on a specific event that happened Sun, Feb 13th. For those who attended or watched live stream we heard many times where Apostle Mike proclaimed for the Jubilee to be brought to it FULLNESS and for us to start decreeing and speaking things into existence. And literally as he said this, there was a natural manifestation of this in Northern California. And I will quote their words exactly of the incident:

"Residents of the area some 70 miles north of Sacramento were placed under evacuation orders around 4:30 p.m. Sunday, after the reservoir rose to a record level — more than a foot above what's considered "full" — and its main spillway struggled to provide relief and its auxiliary spillway was seen at risk of failing. At the time, officials said that dangerous flooding could be just hours away."

So literally as Apostle spoke this forth this dam was brought beyond its FULLNESS! And it was very sudden as people were only given about 30-60 mins to evacuate. This was literally the headline:

"The California Department of Water Resources issued a sudden evacuation order shortly before 5 p.m. Sunday for residents near the Oroville Dam in northern California, warning that the dam’s emergency spillway would fail in the next 60 minutes."

Again, the timeline lines up right with service, and what was released in the message, as I was in the car with my carpool and headed down the hill by 5:30 pm. This is why I noticed the time - because it was still light outside and much earlier than usual. So, seeing this I thought, Hallelujah the Father confirming what Apostle said releasing the water the revelation in this Jubilee year bringing everything to its fullness what a confirmation!


But God said look deeper just so you know this was no coincidence. He said look up the height of the dam. SINCE IT IS THE TALLEST DAM IN CALIFORNIA. And I did - it's 770 feet!! I saw this as simplified the 7th day and double 7's because its the Elisha anointing - DOUBLE! Then I looked it up in gematria and WOW!

1.   The gematria of Beis Moshiach (the house of Messiah) is 770. 2.  770, which has the same gematria as paratzta (you will spread out, burst forth) 3.  770 is the Gematria for Kee - Vaw See - Ehl - Haw Aw Rehetze meaning "that I have arrived in the land" is 770. 4.  770 is also is the Gematria for Sae - Mi Lahs, meaning, "garment" the new garments we are receiving in the 7th day! A reference to the garment that did not wear out in wilderness symbolic of the "eternal" garments the glorified body in the 7th day!

So, by now I'm just thanking God for such a specific and amazing confirmation but he says go deeper look at how many years its been open. And I notice the articles refer to it as 50 years in operation- as I quote below.

"So, for the first time in the dam’s 50-year history, water began pouring over the top of the auxiliary or “emergency” spillway to the left of the main concrete chute — a feature that serves as a last resort."

And sure, enough the dam took 7 years to build 1961 to 1968 when it opened. And this year 2017, the dam will be nearing its 50th year of being opened. A HUGE CONFIRMATION OF THE JUBILEE APOSTLE MIKE WAS SPEAKING OF AS THIS HAPPENED.

So by now I'm seriously blown away at these confirmations with the 770 feet tall and the 50 years Jubilee, but again God says look deeper. We know names speak of character and function so I then looked up OROVILLE.


When I saw the meaning I literally was thinking, you must be kidding me! The city's nickname is "City of Gold” because "oro" is "gold" in Spanish. We know that gold is the revelation and the glory! A third huge confirmation of what was being released in this time and season!

But of course, the Father had one more for me!

On Sunday Apostle Mike spoke of the church, symbolized by the menorah filled with anointing oil moving from the Holy Place into the Glory the Holy of Holies. SO, God had me look at the town's history while I was on Wikipedia,_California and apparently in this city of Gold there was the first Olive business which became the largest in the world during its time. Olives - oil. SO, a type and shadow of a menorah sitting in the Gold or Glory or Holy Place. Which is exactly what happens in the 7th day this year of Jubilee when it is released to its FULLNESS!

So again, yes, the Father is releasing things in the natural to show us exactly where we are and confirming what Apostle is decreeing into existence, and He is doing it with EXTREME detail and precision. The same way we study the revelation knowing every detail holds a mystery, that is the same way the Father speaks even with the signs and wonders He presents to us and it is so intricately beautiful when you have the eyes to see it!

I hope this was encouraging to truly see where we are and what season we are in and how the Father is constantly confirming the words decreed from the pulpit here at Forerunner Ministries! Be Blessed!

- Jessica Millhouse