March 2017 Newsletter - Testimony by Diana Jones

Greetings Saints,

I would like to share a brief testimony of my experience with Forerunner Ministries and the impact it has had on me.  

Was lost but now am found...

I have been in the church for many years loving my new relationship with the Lord, and having found my best friend in Jesus, everyday was a new adventure and I always wanted to please Him. Then after many trials I fell into a deep depression and felt unworthy of His love and forgiveness and felt very alone. I didn't want to let Him go so I kept searching for Him. I heard the same messages every week but I had moved so far away from the Lord, I felt I could not find Him any more.

Then I heard of Forerunner.

I first heard of Forerunner Ministries through my children Ben and Cara. By Divine intervention they met Apostle Michael in India at a conference. While they were there, they experienced the revelation of truth, and when they came back from India I had noticed a change and a deeper passion in them. They started sharing with the rest of the family the impact of the messages in India and how everyday many Indians had heard the revelation and received salvation and I thought to myself, "what's this new revelation about?" 

Ben was encouraging me to watch the services online but I kept putting it aside, I eventually watched the video about the foolish virgins and I thought "WOW, I have never heard a message so deep and powerful." After the message I knew deep in my soul that what Apostle Michael was saying was true, and then I realised I didn't have any revelation and began questioning my salvation. 

 - no revelation - no salvation.

After some time and while still being challenged about what I had heard in the message I continued attending my previous church and wondered why isn't the church teaching the revelation. I realised I was not meant to be there and it was time for me to search the truth for myself. 

We then began listening to the services online at home with a few other people every Sunday and mid week. The more I listened to Apostle Michael opening the scriptures, the more I realised that I had NO idea about GOD'S WORD and I needed to know the revelation and truth and to find my identity in Christ and to know that my Father has value for me in His Kingdom. This led me to come to America with my children and to learn more about the Forerunner Ministries so I packed my lifelong baggage of loneliness, and no hope to find answers. We left Australia for a 2 week visit and 6 weeks later we are still here.

Being in the services and hearing Apostle bring the revelation and mysteries without ANY compromise of His Word and Truth has been like breathing again.  It has opened my eyes to a new desire to have a deeper relationship with Yahweh and to begin my many areas of healing. 

Although my journey is ongoing, I have come to a place of understanding that the Lord HAS given me a future and a hope and He wants to walk with me in becoming the person He intended me to be. I am now looking forward with anticipation to see His Will in my life. 

I also have a new family that have big open arms and hearts that are full of love and encouragement and have a desire to see every soul saved - a beautiful testimony and reflection of Yahweh's true Grace and Love. 

Praise YAH there is no end but eternal life is in Him.

Blessings to you all, Diana