February 2017 Newsletter - "Our Worldwide Family" by Pastor Brad Nottingham

Greetings saints, We have really been pressing in and listening to our HEAVENLY FATHER speaking to the earth as we are joined as one with HIS only begotten son YAHSHUA. Mat 19:6 “So then, they are no longer two but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate." Let your soul join with HIS spirit as one, let our bodies join as one, HALLELUYAH!

We have had a busy month in training and preparing the media team for what will be coming. We want to thank and acknowledge all our family that has come to be with us. Brother Robert Roytel who is from Rowville, Victoria, Australia spent a lot of valuable time here with the media, and we are moving in a direction to use these new skills in media for the Kingdom.

Also brother Fred Van Delden from Tasmania was with us for over 30 days, and he was able to be a part of the meetings - all the Torah and Mitzvot classes – and was able to spend some time with Apostle Petro. We really had a great time with Fred, and we want to extend a word of encouragement to all the saints in Tasmania who are now enrolled in The School of the Prophet to continue to press in, to hunger for the deeper revelation and understanding of the HOLY SCRIPTURES, which will truly set you free. I spoke to Fred about the group in Tasmania which our Heavenly FATHER has gathered there, and ALL of you will be enlightened and used by the HOLY SPIRIT in the next year as we approach these great and terrible times.

We have also had Pastor Leslie Brown and Pastor Josephine here in Southern Ca. with us this month. It is such a blessing to have the saints come together and to unite, while getting the revelatory understanding of truly being a family, walking out a like mindset and under the same understanding from the deep well of wisdom, beauty, and YAHWEH’s splendor as we strengthen our body to defeat the enemy. Psa 96:6 “Honor and majesty are before Him; Strength and beauty are in His sanctuary.”

Pastor Leslie who is from Werribee, just around Melbourne, Australia was able to spend some time with me, and she was sharing with me that she had meet Apostle Petro 10 years ago, in Cairns, Australia. She recalled and shared with me many miracles, signs, and wonders that had manifested during those first meetings in Australia and the rhema ecclesia that has been gather up since those first meetings by the HOLY SPIRIT. Now, Pastor Leslie and her Husband Pastor Wallace have been blessed to have a HOLY SPIRIT filled ministry whom she states has been well endowed by the presence of the HOLY SPIRT on a regular basis. For example, while worshipping, they have many angels come to worship with them. They are raising up an ecclesia with a clear understanding to teach and go out and speak what they have been shown by the HOLY SPIRIT. Pastor Leslie also shared with me that as the ecclesia goes through their trials and tribulations, these times has brought them closer and given them a greater understanding of deeper cleansing by the word of truth which they are learning. This has also given them a clear direction on how to continue to serve and move forward in producing the Glory of the Kingdom here on earth.

As we talked, I realized that Leslie and Wallace have been gathered together with another remnant ecclesia from Queensland, Australia, who is being led by Pastor Giovanna Insley. I was so excited in my spirit man to know that our guests were brought together here in Southern California this month from Australia for a refreshing and refilling and that they have also have been joined together in Australia and are currently being used by the HOLY SPIRIT to continue to teach, learn, and fight the good fight as a unified body.

We would like to also recognize our family in the United Kingdom who has been growing and going through the same birthing and maturing as they continue to search out the HOLY SPIRIT and divine revelation, which we all have been enlighten by through the teachings here at Forerunner Ministries from our Apostle Michael Petro. Psa 104:14 “He causes the grass to grow for the cattle, and vegetation for the service of man, that he may bring forth food from the earth,”

We would like to encourage everyone to continue to pray for a breakthrough in acquiring a building large enough to do what YAHWEH has ordained us to do. When we get a building set up, and it will be renovated to meet the needs of a worldwide ministry. It will be a building large enough to have studios, a place to record and have live meetings, a building where we can have conferences, and a place where the reconciliation of the nations can take place, a banquet hall big enough for a wedding feast. HALLELUYAH!!!

As we work into this, we will need all the saints to come and put their hand on the plow and help as we cast the nets. We will need each and every one of you to come and join us as a body, a family for the Kingdom here on earth. There are many exciting times coming, saints. So be aware, be awake, be ready, and know you are individually being trained to be a unified corporate body for the edification of our divine designer, creator, and overseer of all things we know.

We thank you all for your ongoing prayers and, most of all, your desire to know the truth and to go through the earthly trials and tribulations and walk out what has been pre-ordained for each and every one of you.

If you have any testimonies or anything to share, please contact me at brad.forerunnertv@yahoo.com. We will be looking forward to hearing from you, and as always, HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY BEING THE BLESSING YOU HAVE BEEN CREATED TO BE!

Shalom Blessings, Brad