February 2017 Newsletter - Testimony by Ben Jones

Greetings Saints, It is a privilege to share what amazing work God has been doing in my life and others around in my sphere since being a part of the Forerunner Ministries. I met Apostle Michael Petro in a conference in India, April last year. It was the first time I had met him and heard him preach the message he presented, which was all about the mysteries of the Kingdom. It was a powerful meeting with many testimonies of the power of God being present and flowing, touching and changing people’s lives, mine included. After hearing the message Apostle presented, I joined The School of the Prophet, and that is where things started to take place and change in my belief in God and life; it was becoming apparent to me that this is the true, infallible Gospel. A lot of inward changes have taken place and continues to do so each day as I keep on submitting to God. A fresh hunger and passion is also taking place to search out the scriptures in a deeper level, as we see in the bible verse, “study to show thyself approved,” (2 Timothy 2:15). I love sharing the Gospel to people whom I know and also meet to give them the opportunity to know and experience God in the same way too. My family and a many other people I know have been hearing the message and receiving it.

After a couple months of studying and spending time with the Lord daily and watching the livestreams, I felt it was a call from God to travel to America (as I am from Perth, Australia) to catch up with Apostle Michael again and meet the other Forerunner family. This was a most amazing time spent with them as we were in the word all day, every day. I stayed with two of the brothers, Ronnie and Titus, and every morning we would do Mitzvot, which was also a blessed time and fruitful. One of the many great things about meeting the Forerunner family is they were just that, a family. It is very refreshing to see that what is taught, is also walked out, so it’s a great testimony to see and experience as everyone is dying to themselves and exhorting and praying for each other’s growth. So, when I met everyone, I was welcomed and started to become part of the house and started the process in taking on the DNA. I have been back since then and at the time of this writing, I am here again, which is coming up to two weeks.

One noteworthy praise report and testimony is seeing the exponential growth from when I was here in October 2016 until now. This is in all areas, but namely the group’s love for each other and how united they are, both as a group and also individually and the passion and love for God has grown. Making Him as their number one priority, always passionate to share the gospel and spend time with the Lord, seeing that as the most important thing to do, alongside dying to self and becoming perfected and to step into the High Priestly calling to be used by God. It is great to see and be a part of. I thank the Lord daily for the opportunity to be with such a family of God.

I have been blessed, thanks to God, to be shown and taught the mysteries of the Kingdom and how to read the scriptures and see Jesus in all of it, both the Old and New Testament. It is a process that through God’s grace I will become more proficient at, but is exciting nonetheless, especially when prior to being connected with Forerunner, I thought I knew the Bible! The Early Church Fathers, Ancient Hebrew, and gematria has been a massive help in knowing the scriptures. One mystery that stood out to me is behind the meaning of the Aleph Tav (ox and the cross) in relation to the parable of the sower; it’s a phenomenon because it is something that is also seen throughout the Bible in regard to both Testaments. Knowing and seeing mysteries has not only given me a passion to see and move in the deeper things of God, but has made me aware that there is a whole world who needs to know this too. Every day I have prayed and asked the Lord to provide opportunities to allow me to share this with people who I meet on a day-to-day basis. The passion and need to evangelise this message has been exciting, and people do like to listen to it and ask more questions to allow the message to go deeper, praise the Lord.

I am most excited and in anticipation for what is to come. So many great things are happening that the Lord is doing and wanting us to be a part of, so I am very thankful to God and Forerunner Ministries to be given the opportunity to be involved and a part of it, to learn, read and understand the divine scriptures, and also to know how to die to my fleshly, carnal man to make room for my Spirit man to grow and become the perfected man that God has planned for me. As we are made in His image, we are to allow that to manifest and become a reality.

Thank you, God, and Forerunner family.

Sincerely, Ben Jones

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