February 2017 Newsletter - Testimony by Lenny King

I consider it a privilege for the opportunity to share my testimony of what Yahweh has done in my spiritual journey thus far at Forerunner Ministries. I have been blessed to sit under the teachings of Apostle Michael for what is approaching 2 years now. My spiritual life and understanding of the Word has grown heaps since that of when I first arrived, and I owe it all to the LORD and Apostle Michael for his sacrifice and diligence to raise up those who have a heart for the deep things of God. I will first start by giving a brief overview of my background in Christianity, which I believe will provide a more well rounded view at just how much the Lord has done. I grew up in the Pentecostal church movement under a certain well-known denomination all of my life. I come from a family lineage of pastors in leadership roles in this particular denomination, so one could say that I was groomed and raised in religion. From a very young age I’ve always acknowledged Yahweh and tried to love Him as I was taught, but it wasn’t until I came into the deeper knowledge of the revelation of His Word that I was able to begin to see Him at the most intimate level.

Like many I found myself striving to do good and to live a life holy and set apart, but soon found that I did not have the tools to truly transcend my carnal desires, passions, and lusts of this world. Nevertheless, I tried Christianity and many times failed to fulfill what I thought it meant to be righteous before the Lord. It wasn’t until I left home for college that things really began to get out of control. I found myself involved in all of the wrong things. I had completely turned away from even attempting to pursue the things of God and was totally invested in living the life that my flesh wanted to live. I continued searching for peace and a resolution for my confusion and did not find it in the church. I tried to fill the void of divine revelation with everything in this world that I could get my hands on. I wanted to know why I felt so disconnected from the Father and why I was going through so many trials at the time but did not have the ability to overcome. The only explanation that I could reason with myself was that God could not exist because I did not feel Him and could not see Him in the Word. Hurt by the way that my spiritual life had turned out, I became an atheist pastor’s kid and was going down the wrong path and completely oblivious to the destruction that I was bringing upon myself. There were many instances were my life could have been taken due to recklessness, depression, addiction, and many other things, but Yahweh continued to call me out of darkness and did not give up on me (Hallelujah).

My entire freshman year in college, I continued down a dark path and rejected anything that had to do with the God that I no longer believe in. It wasn’t until I was invited to attend a service at my father’s church where a man of God came to teach the word. He gave a sermon on what the Lord was showing him and did an altar call. As I sat in my seat, he looked straight to me and called me to the front as Yahweh had given him a word for me. He told me that God sees me and that he knew that I no longer believe in Him. I felt as though I was going to finally receive breakthrough, so I decided to cast my fears and cares on the Lord and let Him do a work in me.

That night I received a touch from the Lord that I had never experienced until that day. And from that moment on I was no longer an atheist and decided to pursue the things of God again. But lacking the truth of the Word and a blueprint for pursuing perfection by faith, I fell again and again. Devastated by the state of my spiritual life again I decided to turn away from the faith. I did, however, believe that there was a God on account of the encounter with Him. I just did not know how to pursue Him, so it was placed in the recesses of my mind as I continued to do things my way. I fell deep into depression, the party scene, addiction, and many other things just to name a few. This was my way of life for many years even after I had graduated from college. But the hand of God was on my life, and He would not let me stay in my state of deception by His goodness. By 2015 I had graduated college, was out on my own, and was working full time and completely consumed with life based on my cares and desires.

My sister, Alaun, had been pursuing the Lord fervently for many years and was on her own spiritual journey and quest for Yahweh. I witnessed a transformation in her life and was watching as the Lord was taking her into new realms of joy, peace, and understanding of His love. She became a living testimony of the goodness of God. She began to tell me about the new ministry that she started attending and that it was like nothing she’d ever been exposed to before. She called one night and let me know that there was a livestream that I could watch to get a look into what she was learning and experiencing. It was a Forerunner Ministries stream where Apostle Michael was teaching on the coming glory. I did not completely understand what it was that he was teaching, but something in me jumped and his words began to resonate with me. I was not able to forget this teaching for weeks to come.

My sister attempted to get me to the meetings many times, but I declined as I wasn’t sure and did not really want to go back into religion. One day while I was at work, I received a text message from an unknown number, and it turned out that it was from a brother in Yahweh, Raul. Raul sent me a long text about how Yahweh is calling his people into deeper knowledge and that He is doing a new thing for those that have a heart to perceive what the Spirit is releasing in this season. Again, I did not completely understand the depths of this text, but the words resonated with me, and I began to think on all of these things all the more.

A few days had gone by and I went to my parent’s house to visit for the weekend, where my sister was also staying at the time. That same night while sleeping I had what I now know to be a deeply prophetic and eye opening dream. The Lord had clearly meant to show me some things about myself, and He definitely got my attention. Upon waking the next morning, I went to speak with my sister concerning the dream, and she gave me an interpretation of what the Lord was telling me. The things that she revealed to me made complete sense, so I was now interested in what Yahweh was calling me to. She invited me to church in Koreatown, and I accepted the invite and decided to come.

Upon arrival to the service in Koreatown, I immediately knew something was different about this church based on the worship. The anointing level was so high. I had never seen such freedom in worship in all my experiences in church. Finally we got to the Word. Apostle Michael taught the revelation, and I was captivated by the wisdom that came forth from him. I felt like I had found my place. There was an altar call, and I went up for prayer and felt the power of God. Apostle came up to me and told me what the Lord was showing him concerning me and that I needed to keep coming. I immediately became a member at Forerunner and haven’t looked back since.

I have experienced such deliverance and healing while at Forerunner. I know that it is the manifestation of the washing by the water of the Word. I have seen miracles in my life and strong holds being broken off of me instantly like I’ve never known before. It has been a challenging experience for sure. But I would not know Yahweh on such an intimate level had it not been for this ministry. This ministry has changed my life and the lives of all of my brothers and sisters in the Lord. I write this testimony hoping to reach someone that may be on the fence or one that may feel like giving in. Yahweh is faithful to those that love Him, and He will never leave you where you are as long you surrender all. I went from an atheist, bitten and broken by religion, to a high priest running passionately and relentlessly after the face of the Most High. Blessings to you all.

-Lenny King

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