January 2017 Newsletter - Pam Sleight Testimony

I began attending Forerunner Ministries around August 2014. Between then and now, the Father performed a variety of miracles in my life where I experienced miraculous healings. For instance, one of the first miracles I experienced was when I was leaving the church to go to the hospital due to some pressure and swelling that I began to experience during service. I experienced symptoms similar to a heart attack, which I have previously encountered. As I was getting ready to leave, one of the pastors saw the distress in my face and began to pray with me and summoned Apostle Mike. Apostle Mike prayed for me, and while laying his hands upon my shoulders, oil started to come out of my hands and feet and the pressure left and the swelling went down. Myself and other witnesses present saw gold flakes in the oil that was coming out of my body at the palm of my hands and surrounding my feet. After the prayer was over, Apostle Mike told me to go back and praise Yeshua, and I was able to return to praise and worship.

A second miracle I experienced was another breakthrough with my health. I had been praying to the Father and working on breaking generational curses. During this period of time, I began to experience internal bleeding and lost excessive amounts of blood, which resulted in requiring a blood transfusion. After receiving some prayer, further testing from the medical doctors revealed no results with regard to the origin of the symptoms. This was proof to me that this was an attack from the enemy. The Father once again answered the prayers and I was healed completely from these symptoms.

A more recent miracle was when I began to experience heart issues again due to my disobedience of the Father. The Father was letting me know that I should not be gossiping and that I needed to get back into the Word and have true forgiveness and not just lip service. I knew I needed to repent because if I didn’t, I knew this was a final warning and that I was going to die if I didn’t have true repentance. I was scheduled to have a procedure the following day and felt it was necessary to ask for forgiveness from Apostle Mike for being disobedient before going in to get the procedure done. He prayed for me and I felt the release of these symptoms. I had a deliverance session set up after meeting with Apostle Mike and that is when I found out that I had a bunch of witchcraft placed over me again due to the holes I had opened up which needed to be closed. After a long and extensive deliverance, the Father showed love once again and covered all my holes!

The following day, I went in to the hospital to have my scheduled procedure performed, but I advised the doctor that it was not necessary but if he wanted to do it to make himself feel better to go ahead and see what my God can do. After the procedure was completed, the doctor was amazed because he discovered through testing that nothing needed to be fixed. My heart had fixed itself even though this was not medically possible. According to statistics, once someone has the type of heart attack I experienced, the heart is dead without any possible way of regenerating itself. I went from a 40% to a 70% usage and the doctor said that my heart was like a normal heart of a 55 year-old without any evidence of any heart problems. This is my testimony and some of the highlights of what a magnificent God I serve, especially after coming into the Forerunner Ministries International and learning the truth through all the Torah studies I have gone through. Praise to Yeshua.

Blessings, Pam Sleight

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