January 2017 Newsletter - "Don't Put HIS Voice in a Box" by Jessica Millhouse

I wanted to share a testimony from after Saturday night service on 11/5/16. I have noticed that in this season, God is speaking and He has shown me a number of things that have come to pass from, simple things to major events. But I wanted to share because I've noticed that the main thing He has shown me is not to put Him in a box, in my expectations of hearing his voice. God has taken me to street intersections, highlighted billboard signs, etc - and encouraged me in that process to dig out the message He was presenting to me. Sure, He could say it crystal clear or just give me a vision, which he has done in the past, rather than what seems like a scavenger hunt for me sometimes, but again He wants to encourage us to search things out and follow his voice. The same way we do with the Word, digging out the revelation and asking Him to reveal what it means. So I'm sharing this to encourage any of you who may be having the same experiences or similar testimonies to continue to listen for His VOICE no matter how He is speaking to you! Now that Saturday was such a powerful service and when Pastor David called for us to come up for repentance. God's presence was so strong as we all were up there just even crying out for repentance for ourselves and our country. Now whenever I tell God I want to make a change like that or ask those types of things He always manifests something in the physical realm as a confirmation. It's a pattern I've personally seen all this year with me for this season. So, I'm driving home and my spirit is still in a place of expectation, and I get a block from my house and there's a shopping center, but what's weird- and I've never seen this in my life is one of the lampposts is FLASHING like 100 times per second at the shopping center entrance. You can see the video here.

It NEVER does this here. I even took another video of the parking lot on regular night and as you can see the lampposts look like any normal lot, none of them are flashing, see video.

So of course, this got my attention at 1am coming home. With the lamppost that light the retail parking lots. I've seen the light go out or flicker if dying, but this one at the entrance was flashing never ever seen that and just ONE not any of the others. But like I said it was about 1am and I was really tired so I drove past anyway and God was like "Really? You going to just drive by that?” So then of course I did a U-turn and drove into the parking lot entrance with the flashing lamppost. I've always found that once you follow the first step that’s when He gives you the next step.

So, then God says drive past the first 7 trees. Now the parking lot here has nice landscape with lots of trees and there are 7 trees by entrance that I drive past. In my spirit, I know this is representing the 7 days as we are stepping into 7th. As soon as I past 7th tree the next lamppost in front of me starts FLASHING too! Still all the other 10 or 15 lampposts in the parking lot are not doing this as you saw in the top video there are many lampposts in this lot- but only the one at the entrance and the one after the 7th tree were flashing at this moment. So, I park my car and I'm like 'God what is here what am I supposed to see? You clearly got my attention.' That's when I realized following this last light placed me directly in front of the DOOR of the store which had a big sign in the window next to the door with two words - GAME ON!

Now this was funny, I literally laughed, because God has really been showing me not to place Him in a box, He can talk or move however he wants and I knew what this meant. That this is the time! And that he is using us!! Now this is where God has a sense of humor because I am the least athletic person, and I never ever watch sports but I know enough to know that it starts first with a training season for athletes but when your coach says game time when the it's GAME ON, and that's when you go out on the field and face the opponents!!

It was funny too because last Monday, Brother Nate talked about how Apostle Paul compared himself to athlete by saying he 'runs the race' in 1 Corinthians 9:26, and Brother Nate had mentioned how athletes train for game season, using this analogy to further illustrate his point of us preparing and building our spirit man. So, for God to use this term with me meant new territory, new things that at least I've never seen or been familiar with in this new TIME as we walk through this new DOOR! As Apostle Mike preached the following week about locking doors behind us and moving into new doors, and I believe that's why GOD showed me this sign right next to the DOOR of the store!

Now God always confirms it with scripture, not just a natural manifestation. So then as I drove out of that parking lot, He said to read Psalms 51-52, which I looked up and WOW! They had captioned in the bible chapter 51 as "A Prayer of Repentance" and that's exactly what that Saturday night was all about! As God was confirming, this was the chapter where David repents about Bathsheba. What’s amazing is verses 17-19 in chapter 50:

17 The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise. 18 Do good in thy good pleasure unto Zion: build thou the walls of Jerusalem. 19 Then shalt thou be pleased with the sacrifices of righteousness, with burnt offering and whole burnt offering: then shall they offer oxen upon thine altar.

David knew it wasn't about the dead letter. It was not about those animal sacrifices but about our hearts and ourselves being the true sacrifice! And this speaks prophetically of us being the Zion and new Jerusalem, which is exactly what Apostle Mike had spoken on in the same message about locking and unlocking doors! This is so deep because David says to build up the "walls" of Jerusalem, and Brother Raul has taught in early church fathers that those becoming perfect were the ones building those four walls - Getting revelation of Torah, walking out Torah, Abstinence from sin, and Beneficence caring for othersBrother Raul also provided the book and chapter if any would like to read into this further, it was a great teaching found in the book Stromata by Clement of Alexandria in Chap. XII. - Human Nature Possesses an Adaptation for Perfection; the Gnostic Alone Attains It. And then AFTER those walls are built David says THEN you will be pleased with the sacrifices of righteousness of oxen on your altar. Because then we have become an ox sacrifice, then we have become high priests, the new Jerusalem as Apostle spoke on last night! That started with repentance per this chapter that is the order!

But the second chapter was even more amazing on showing the process of things and tying in with the messages! In Chapter 51, David shows the process of going from repentance, a change of heart; to becoming perfected by building those walls of 'Jerusalem'; to becoming a high priest ox on the altar and righteous sacrifice that pleases God! So, after that the very next chapter 52, now the judgment starts. As Apostle Mike preached in recent messages: there is no judgment to the wicked until there are righteous saints to judge. That is the exact process David outlined here from the Chapter 51 of repentance and becoming perfected to the next Chapter 52 where judgment starts.

Ch 52 the very next chapter was labeled, "The End of the Wicked and the Peace of the Godly". Wow! These verses blew me away:

5 God shall likewise destroy thee forever, he shall take thee away, and pluck thee out of thy dwelling place, and root thee out of the land of the living. Selah. 6 The righteous also shall see, and fear, and shall laugh at him: 7 Lo, this is the man that made not God his strength; but trusted in the abundance of his riches, and strengthened himself in his wickedness.

That 'pluck you away and taken from the land of the living' is exactly as in the days of Noah what happened to the wicked. It is a confirmation, as we know we are in the last days now and it will happen again! But it only happened after there were righteous in the earth. Chapter 52 shows that the righteous are not taken away, they laugh as they are not touched, but it says those people trusted in the abundance of his own riches - the wicked who trusted in his own manly wisdom carnal beliefs was plucked out!

The judgment starts as soon as Apostle Mike has preached continuously - and as God is emphasizing by showing with picking these chapters to give me. God will have his righteous in the earth, the new Jerusalem, which started with the chapter 51 of repentance! Those righteous will bring judgment to the wicked as shown in chapter 52 and that time is now - God saying it is time GAME ON is now!

God always confirms, and again last Sunday Apostle Mike taught from Origen. Even Origen in the early church fathers spoke of the "Athletes for Christ" and how it was the High Priest’s job to prepare them.

Make sure we are preparing for GAME TIME as Paul instructs us to in 1 Cor 9:21-25:

24 Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize? So run, that ye may obtain. 25 And every man that striveth for the mastery is temperate in all things. Now they do it to obtain a corruptible crown; but we an incorruptible. 26 I therefore so run, not as uncertainly; so fight I, not as one that beateth the air: 27 But I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection: lest that by any means, when I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway.

What’s interesting is seeing that again this was something that David, who is extremely prophetic, had alluded to in Psalms 19, where we he also mentions when we are a strong man ready to run the race and that is after coming out of the bridegroom chamber. After receiving the mysteries, the revelation seed of Christ, after going through the veil to receive the revelation that is what makes us as a strong man ready for this race.

Psa 19:5 Which is as a bridegroom coming out of his chamber, and rejoiced as a strong man to run a race.

So again, I pray we are all ready for the race as God is saying the time is now!

As I mentioned in the beginning! God loves to speak in unusual ways and yes, he spoke to me with flashing lights and a store sign but he always confirms again what he’s saying about a season. So, this week I’m writing the article and just taking some time alone with the Lord and my eyes keep being drawn to peanut brittle box on dresser, and I’m really trying to focus on what God is telling me in this time with Him but keep being distracted by this box. SO, I finally pick it up and surprisingly enough the brand of peanut brittle is “OLD DOMINION”. The logo literally has a gold crown over dominion established 1913 which adds to 14!

I’m like wow I know God is showing me something, and I didn’t even want to look because I’m like what does this have to do with my prayer time? So, God says look up the verse with OLD DOMINION in it, and sure enough I found it in Daniel 7:14, the same number from the box!


And that word H5957 means “old”! It is saying his dominion is OLD DOMINION! Literally saying the ‘one like the Son of Man’. Just like in Revelation 5, ‘Then I saw a Lamb, looking as if it had been slain.’ Both images speak of the saints, the remnant! This remnant is being given the “OLD DOMINION” again and they are coming with the clouds, which we know to be the revelation in Deuteronomy 32:2, a dominion over PEOPLE & NATIONS! An everlasting dominion as Pastor Brad pointed out to me - old dominion is also an everlasting dominion, what was and is and is to come! Further in the chapter, Daniel even asks for an interpretation of his vision and it is confirmed that these are the saints in verse 18!


So AGAIN, God confirming it is “GAME ON”. It is time for the GLORY to come. And it’s going to be different than anything we have ever seen, just as I am learning to hear His voice and see him speak in so many ways. So, I encourage you too to listen and watch for His voice and get ready because this year 2017 God is saying the GLORY IS COMING!!

I just wanted to share these different ways of God speaking to me to again encourage you to hear his voice no matter how random or strange the image may seem, dig, dig, dig into what Yah is showing you for He is truly doing a new thing!!! This time is now as we move forward into 2017!

Now I intended to end the article here; however, after Sunday when Joe Rivera gave a very specific prophesy about the Spirit of Diana (Artemis) as a word directly from the Lord, I knew that God wanted me to share this last testimony as well. Originally I felt it was tied too much to political events, but if God is calling this spirit out by name in the pulpit by his prophets then I know it’s important to share this too. You can hear the clip HERE. This was a spirit God has had me praying against since August, which he revealed to me in another very random way, no a lamppost or peanut brittle box this time but by sending me to an Art Gallery I didn’t even know existed.



So God has done this before where he tells me to go to a specific place, and when I do he always shows me something. A while back he said go to '356' in LA and you know I live in OC, so first that's a drive and second I’ve never even heard of a place called 356. But I Googled 356 in LA and sure enough there is an art gallery named 356! But it’s actually closed until the fall - so I’m like ok God you’re sending me to 356 that I’ve never heard of in LA that’s not even open but ok so I go. I get there and sure enough it's closed, and I’m asking God what am I doing here. It’s like this industrial area not many people around, and I’m at a loss why I’m here. But then he says look at the streets. So the art gallery was on the corner of an intersection. The address was 356 MISSION it reminded me of taking on a Mission like "Mission Impossible" or something and the street it intersected with was ARTEMUS" a version of the word "ARTEMIS".

So I'm sitting at the intersection of Mission and Artemus...

Artemus sounded like a god I had heard of and sure enough in Google and they start off saying she fell from heaven, so immediately I know we are talking fallen angel. In a nutshell there are three major things to point out. The first is that the statue shows she is covered in breasts and my brother had pointed out that we know one of God's names is 'many breasted one - El_Shaddai ' so I see here she is a counterfeit or false image masquerading as the true God and keeping people in the milk of the word! http://www.livius.org/articles/religion/artemis-of-ephesus/

Second she was called 'queen of beasts', so I know this is one keeping people in carnality or the mark of beast. And third, she was said to watch over the virgins or women until marriage although she never married. So I see here that she is keeping those from marrying YESHUA- the parable of virgins, the church not married. And we know in Hebrew thought, names speak of character and function and her name ARTEMIS. In the Strong’s Concordance, Artimis means COMPLETE LIGHT FLOW RESTRICTED so STOPPING THE LIGHT OF REVELATION! https://www.blueletterbible.org/lang/lexicon/lexicon.cfm?t=nasb&strongs=g735

So now I was like wow that's crazy, so then I look in the bible because I’m like if God took me here it has to be in the word, and sure enough in Acts 19 when Paul went to Ephesus they had a TEMPLE OF ARTEMIS there. Now when Paul brought everyone to God the ones who were selling and carving the little idols of Artemis that people would buy got angry because they were losing money since no one would buy it anymore! The man who led the conflict was named Demetrius, in Strongs 'belonging to Ceres" - the god of the agriculture and HARVEST because clearly Satan wants his harvest too! They literally started a riot and went to the theater proclaiming 'Great is Artemis as the god of Ephesians!' And the idol makers did this because of money, because Paul was cutting in on their business, but it says the crowd was confused and didn’t even know why they were there rioting. It was clearly because a spirit to the point where Paul's disciples wouldn’t even let him go down there, and after the riot died Paul ended up leaving the city.

Now clearly we see parallels with a religious system that is selling graven images, false representations of YESHUA, that people are buying. This is what is causing them to stay in carnality, the beastly nature, and is keeping them a virgin not married to YESHUA. These images are a counterfeit of the true revelation, which is keeping the people children on milk. Those who are selling the graven images will be angry when people will no longer buy those graven images, or better yet no longer allow the mark of the beast to be carved into them when we bring the revelation just as Paul did!

And I know that God took me there to remind us of the 'mission' that isn’t against flesh and blood; it's a spiritual battle. Now even though this riot and conflict took place in the natural, the real battle was in the spirit. This demonic spirit had a stronghold on this city, as we learned before, of Angels over certain cities. The spirit’s stronghold was so strong in fact, that this spirit continued all the way to the Book of Revelation, the end time. I was reading Apostle book yesterday "Access Behind the Veil" when I knew exactly why God was showing me this. Apostle quoted in the introduction from Rev 2:4, the letter that was written to the church of Ephesus, where this temple of Artemis was and where this whole conflict originally took place with this spirit was. In Rev 2:4 it says, “Yet I hold this against you: You have forsaken the love you had at first." This means that this Artemis spirit stayed in the church of Ephesus. They had forsaken the true YESHUA, they were still in carnality, they were still virgins not married to him, and they still had the beast in them. This spirit had still prevailed until the end times and this spirit was the true battle, not the people selling the images and not the rioting crowd. These principalities and this demonic spirit were the fight and the mission. As Apostle wrote in the book- this is truly where the church is today, and it is just as that church of Ephesus, which is why it is being addressed in Revelation. In his book introduction, Apostle points this out that the current church has lost its first love- “the revelation!”

And it is the same battle now- against this spirit that would keep the church a virgin, keep the church on the milk, keep the church worshiping a counterfeit, keep the church in carnality and selling herself as a harlot- the church as a business. What I think is most interesting too, is that we know things in the natural can reflect things in the spiritual, and Los Angeles by name is a city of angels, and there are always light and dark angels. So I checked there is literally a Temple of Artemis (or "Diana") physically registered in LA not too far from where I was, and they really do teach people how to be witches. They literally had the first ever west coast witch training Artemis camp in LA this past May. So just as there was a temple of Artemis in Ephesus in the natural, there is also one in LA. Again just picture of where the spiritual battle is headed.


Also the parallel block to the street I was on had a street painting of the entire street and it was all of eyes, big and small, all in red, and the way they painted it in 3D, the eyes looked like they were alive and watching - and we all know who the watchers are.

So from then on I started praying against this spirit of Artemis as that is what I took away from this at the time. But what God showed me this weekend blew me away how it all ties to the current elections now and what he was really showing me back then!

  1. Where Hilary is in the bible and that story tied to today 

After service Saturday night after the elections and the mentions of Cyrus and how its tied to Trump and how the protests are going now, God told me this story looked familiar and he brought up the riots in Ephesus over the Goddess Artemis. Whose name in English is 'Diana' and then God sad to look up Hilary's FULL name and wow!!! Her middle name is 'Diane' wow! "Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton."

Her daughter even used the same name "Diane" as a fake name when emailing Hilary, in the wiki leaks emails. You can see HERE.

That name Diana literally means "COMPLETE light flow restricted". That was the mission: to completely remove the light, Yeshua, from the country, and God had me praying against this spirit –as we know she's just a person, but there is a spirit behind it. https://www.blueletterbible.org/lang/lexicon/lexicon.cfm?t=nasb&strongs=g735

And so many other parallels to what God showed me in August with the "Temple of Diana" and "Artemis Camps" I mentioned above that I found registered in LA that literally teaches women to become witches as it says on their site also channeling this same Artemis spirit. http://www.artemiscamp.org/presenters http://www.templeofdiana.org/

And interestingly enough, it comes out that John Podesta heading her campaign was invited to "spirit cooking"! God was showing me the satanic ties back then. Even down to the actual event in the Bible where people were rioting and screaming they wanted Artemis in the streets and theater. https://www.blueletterbible.org/nasb/act/19/24/s_1037024

Act 19:28 When they heard this and were filled with rage, they began crying out, saying, “Great is [fn]Artemis of the Ephesians!” Act 19:29 The city was filled with the confusion, and they rushed [fn]with one accord into the theater, dragging along Gaius and Aristarchus, Paul’s traveling companions from Macedonia. Act 19:30 And when Paul wanted to go into the [fn]assembly, the disciples would not let him. Act 19:31 Also some of the [fn]Asiarchs who were friends of his sent to him and repeatedly urged him not to [fn]venture into the theater. Act 19:32 So then, some were shouting one thing and some another, for the [fn]assembly was in confusion and the majority did not know [fn]for what reason they had come together."

And of course now there are many people who are protesting now for reasons they deem valid, but even people I work with were saying that there were live reporters interviewing people out there, and they couldn't even say why they were rioting. They just said they don’t like the guy, but couldn't name one valid pint. IT’S THE EXACT SAME STORY HAPPENING NOW! http://insider.foxnews.com/2016/03/31/hannity-webb-video-trump-protesters-dont-know-why-they-are-protesting http://abcnews.com.co/donald-trump-protester-speaks-out-i-was-paid-to-protest/

Even in the bible, the people who were losing money incited the riot. Now that people weren't worshiping Artemis anymore, they couldn't sell their idols now. We see the same thing now that most of these riots are fueled by those behind the scenes in media and government. They are paying protesters, because they are losing power and money with Hilary losing and the people are mere pawns again.

Act 19:24 For a man named Demetrius, a silversmith, who made silver shrines of [fn]Artemis, was bringing no little [fn]business to the craftsmen; Act 19:25 these he gathered together with the workmen of similar trades, and said, “Men, you know that our prosperity [fn]depends upon this business. Act 19:26 “You see and hear that not only in Ephesus, but in almost all of [fn]Asia, this Paul has persuaded and turned away a considerable number of people, saying that [fn]gods made with hands are no gods at all"

But then God took me even deeper in the history of this Temple of Diana in history.


  1. How historically Cyrus ties to that same story of Hilary based on events that happened hundreds of years ago

God told me to look up the history of this temple that was built in Ephesus. This was funded and built by a King named Croesus. What is interesting too is the original structure was actually credited to the Amazons and was destroyed in a FLOOD before Croesus built the new Artemis temple that was noted in the BIBLE in Acts with Paul. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Temple_of_Artemis

"In the 7th century BC, the old temple was destroyed by a flood. Its reconstruction began around 550 BC, under the Cretan architect Chersiphron and his son Metagenes, at the expense of Croesus of Lydia: the project took 10 years to complete."

Again sounds familiar like the flood with Noah and the Nephilim rising again as they did before the flood. As in the days of Noah…

Guess who took the kingdom away from him and is credited with the death of Croesus? Of course CYRUS!!!!! They have controversy over the actual death after he took the kingdom from him but here is says: "It is not known when exactly Croesus died, although it is traditionally dated 547 BC, after Cyrus' conquest. In the Nabonidus Chronicle it is said that Cyrus "marched against the country -- , killed its king,[21] took his possessions, put there a garrison of his own". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Croesus

What was interesting here is the judgment was brought on the ones who built this temple. So all of government, all the supporters, all those who built Hilary just like Croesus did, that was who was judged with losing the kingdom and death by Cyrus.

A video of Cyrus and this year’s elections prophecy is available to watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1fvNvDhPz1E

So this is why on election God would not let me contribute to building that temple of Diane, that spirit, lest I be judged just as history has shown prophetically. I knew what had been said, but even with that I told God to tell me specifically in my relationship who to vote for. Little did I know that he had already given me the answer back in August. But as I prayed that morning, he gave me a vision of a pile of so many trumpets that I couldn't even see the ground beneath them. There were tons of trumpets, and they were all sounding off but sounded like shofars. God said these were all the votes he was sending, and with all these votes, Trump would win and my vote was to be for him. So I obeyed without even knowing all the rest of this! But this weekend, God showed me he had me praying against this spirit and for this election months ago and had prophetically shown this picture through the bible and other historical accounts!

And as you heard in the recording from prophet Joe Rivera, this is a spirit that God is calling out by name! But again something God had showed me by hearing his voice in way that was different for me. So whether God wasn’t to speak through lampposts, candy boxes, or street signs, we need to be listening and obeying, as our very nation could be depending on those prayers!! I hope this has been encouraging and a challenge to you as well to hear his voice no matter how he chooses to speak.

SHALOM SAINTS! - Jessica Millhouse