December 2016 Newsletter - Martin & Sarah Moreno

Hello we are the newlywed Morenos: Martin and Sarah; we are pleased to share our testimony with you! Our adventure of marriage began two years ago: from strangers, to friends, to a brother-sister partnership, resulting into two becoming one. Separately, the Lord took us on two completely different paths to His heart. Discovering Him meant we discovered each other. Those two paths came together for one specific calling: the restoration of all things. We had both experienced relationships where it was the normal cookie cutter routine, living by traditional standards of relationships. Falling in love, going on dates, and living together happily ever after wasn’t going to cut it. Going beyond this point started with getting out of the pews and serving others in our community and in communities throughout the world. As we got to know each other, we based our relationship on the pursuit of the Lord. We made sure to uplift the spirit and the calling on each other’s life rather than the natural affections and definitions that the world uses to define relationships. We have one passion to see God’s will done in and through us as it is in heaven. We are grateful for the past experiences and people that have left their footprints in our lives. You can never despise the small beginnings. The Lord still saw us at our foundational place, and we were hungry for more. He heard our cry and our hearts to know Him in a more intimate and deep way. Our journey continued with a divine invitation to attend a church meeting in Duarte, Ca. After leaving study that night we knew the spirit of the Lord breathed life into us; our lives as we knew it would never be the same.

Our foundational values of life and marriage were being transformed as the keys of eternity were given through the revelation of the Word. We weren’t about to settle for a typical or classic idea of a relationship (white picket fence, etc.). Our transformation kicked-off at Forerunner Ministries International as we left everything familiar and dove into the pool of revelation. The Lord will meet you where you are in relationships and bring you to where He wants you to be. There was a season of separation in our dating in order to purify our motives and mission of marriage. We agreed through God’s Word that our pursuit of the Father doesn’t change in marriage. Unity requires twice the endurance, twice the reasonability, and twice the effort in restoring all things to the Father. Some say marriage is two incomplete people coming together to become whole; however, we have come to understand that it is two whole individuals in Yeshua coming together to for a greater purpose.

As a married couple there is no time to slow down in life to be more concerned or consumed in your spouse. So we base our relationship on servitude through sacrifice. We have a mutual dedication to see the calling of God blossom in each other. We were like-minded in our hearts toward the Father then, we were united in marriage to finish the race. This race doesn’t include being pre-occupied building the perfect career, obtaining great insurance to have a family, living in a safe neighborhood, etc… Forerunner Ministries has unlocked our spiritual understanding of all the most important things. There is a weight to walking out God’s purpose, and it falls on our individual commitment to the Father and then to one another. Our ultimate desire is to have a marriage that will fulfill the divine will of the Lord through denying our own ideas and plans for our lives and picking up cross that Yahweh has for us to bear. We desire for the Lord to be exalted in our lives so that people can experience His love through the love, grace, and mercy that he has given to the both of us. “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.” John 12:32

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