November 2016 Newsletter - Titus Millhouse, Mountain Top Experience

Mountain Top Experience Shalom Saints! After a powerful meeting deemed, “The Mountain Top Experience,” it is a pleasure to transition with you all into a new season. This meeting was hosted by a brother in the faith and friend of our Apostle, Poppa Gil. For our Ecclesia, it was a time to gather together, grow in unity, and grow in maturity as we embraced the body of Christ and worshipped Yahweh. There was a tangible presence that we carried as one body, and it was beautiful.

The conference started and ushered in the feast of Tabernacles. The first night, Jeremy Nelson was the key speaker. Jeremy released a great message. Jeremy touched on several key points: the New Man, being in a glorified state, being the Tabernacle, and Eden being within us. A great confirmation for many of what our Apostle has been teaching for almost two decades. This message was released regarding the next move and the Glory to come. It again was a confirmation that we have been spiritually primed and that Yahweh has been preparing us for what’s to come through our Dad, Apostle Michael Petro. The “New man” is the manifested sons of Yahweh. The Glorified state is the bodies we are coming in. The tabernacle is the everlasting temple we will become for Yahweh. The “Garden of Eden” is a people flowing the four rivers or four levels of prophetic teaching. We can definitely go much deeper, but for the sake of time, as our Apostle says, ”Buy the teaching.” There are many for you to consume on our website,

Jeremy openly said that He originally wasn’t going to preach that message. The following day Apostle preached. He was given a short amount of time, but he covered so much, from the milk to the meat of the Word. There is so much we can learn from, not just what he releases, but how he releases the Word. For those who have a heart to convert others or to be a part of evangelism, there was much to glean from the days that he released the Word.

He was invited back to speak a second time, and the hunger and thirst in the atmosphere was palpable. Many connections were made, and I know much fruit will be birthed from the divine connections that were made during that event. The last night was very powerful the heavens opened, many were caught up, divine impartations were received, and the angelic realm was very tangible. I know the Lord has taken us to this point of transition and this point of impartation to release it to the body. He is sending us out.

This month, our Forerunner evangelism department is officially being launched. It is time to heal those who are spiritually sick from dead religion. It is time to raise the Living Word from those in bondage to the dead letter! Keep us in prayer as we take the territory that the Abba has called his sons to claim and take back for the kingdom of Light. Signs and wonders have been released back into our ministry in a greater measure.  Signs and wonders are for the unbeliever, so I know the Lord is bringing in a harvest based off that release to our Ecclesia. Keep us in prayer. Our hands are on the nets. If you are interested in going out and evangelizing, please contact us via Facebook or email through our website. Be blessed Saints. May you be increased in word and deeds.

Titus Millhouse

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