November 2016 Newsletter - Janet and Bill Grady

Around January of 2015, Amber from Forerunner came into our lives. As she shared her faith with us, we were surprised to know that she didn't believe a lot of the same things that we had been taught for years, like the Rapture and “saved by grace” theologies. That really bothered me because you see I was totally counting on getting outta here! The world was becoming increasingly evil and we thought the Anti-Christ was about to appear and start persecuting us Christians so we were looking forward to flying away! At first we just ignored the differences in our beliefs but the question kept arising..."What if she is right?" or “What if she's wrong and needs to be rescued?” On March 29, 2015 my husband Bill and I attended our first service at the Victorville location. We live 70 miles away, and it seemed somewhat strange that we would travel up to the High Desert when there are hundreds of churches right in our hometown of Murrieta, which is considered a "Bible Belt" of Southern California. Bill was actually the one pushing to go, and I took special note of that, since he hadn't wanted to attend church for ages. His wanting to go made me want to go.

So, out of curiosity, up to Victorville we went. We took a seat and started taking notes. The first thing that struck us was the presence of the Apostle. He had an unspeakable authority about him and backed up his statements with scripture and offered lots of references to the Hebrew root of the scripture. He was the most prepared teacher we had ever heard and we could tell he was on fire for the message. We liked his admonition to search it out for ourselves, to "study to show yourself approved." Soon we learned there is so much more to the Word than knowing the stories of the Bible. A new world of understanding opened to us that day. Of all the churches we had attended, none of them taught the Word at this level. Victorville didn't seem so far away anymore.

Week after week, we would attend on Sunday and received more and more revelatory teaching. We started looking forward to seeing the other members who were always friendly and kind. We noticed the love they have for each other. The more we got into the secrets and mysteries of the Bible, the more we thirsted for more. It is like an addiction that is good for you, even though you can never get enough of it.

We saw altar calls where people were set free, delivered, and transformed, and it was very inspirational to see God moving so mightily. After a few weeks, we started paying more attention to the prophesies regarding The Kingdom Age and what God was saying through the Apostle regarding our role in bringing in the harvest and attaining our own Apostolic calling. It wasn't too long before we realized that being connected with Forerunner Ministries International was no "coincidence." In fact there is no such thing as a coincidence in Hebrew thought. We began to understand that we were called into this movement. In fact, we were called before the foundations of the world and set apart for this time.

It was a real eye opener to learn that not only are we not to be raptured out of here, but also there is no Sinner's Prayer in the Bible and we are not saved by grace. It is by grace, through FAITH. We don't get to say a simple prayer. More is required of us. We must be engrafted by the revelation of Jesus, which comes from learning the secrets and mysteries of His Word.

Regarding the rapture, we have all recited the Lord’s Prayer hundreds of times in our old "dead" churches, but it is pertinent to know that the High Priests recited this prayer 7 times a day. "Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, ON EARTH, as it is in heaven." They knew it was a prayer about bringing heaven to earth. They believed it and so did the Early Church Fathers who were taught by Jesus, Peter, James and John down to 325 AD when Constantine did away with it along with the Hebrew words which are the heart and soul of the Word of God.

It is a comfort to know we serve a God who doesn't want to destroy the earth but to restore it through us. He used his temple to show us the way back into the Glory, which was lost by Adam and Eve. It's all there but it's veiled until one has an Apostle to open the veil and show the deeper meaning of the Word for those with eyes to see and ears to hear. We joyfully anticipate the day when Jesus comes into his Temple suddenly. It is incredible that He designed us to be the containers of the light of the first day of Creation and therefore his tabernacle.

A few ways we have changed since we came into Forerunners Ministries International:

We study every chance we get. There is a cd player in 3 rooms our house, plus both of our cars. Instead of country music we play a teaching cd.

  1. TV is on seldom except to catch the news. The shows we used to watch, such as Seinfeld, aren't very funny any more. We hate the compromise of viewing immorality for the sake of a few laughs. Shows like that and movies do not interest us at all.
  2. We host a weekly Bible Study and monthly Early Church Father's meeting. Before, we were the attendees, never the hosts.
  3. We spend more time together discussing revelation instead of business.
  4. Before this ministry, we used to pat ourselves on the back for attending a one-hour church service and spending 15 minutes a day in the Bible. Now we attend two to three times per week aside from our hosting the studies here.
  5. We have a closer relationship with the Father because we know him better through the revelation of His Word. It touches our hearts to know He has personally called us into this.

Our advice to the new people is to pour yourself into the revelatory Word, and don't let anything or anyone take you away from it. The Enemy is scared to death of us and trust me, he will try every way he can to take you out. Stick with it and don't quit. Remember Hebrews 6:4, "For it is impossible for those who were once enlightened and have tasted of the heavenly gift and were made partakers of the Holy Ghost and have tasted the good word of God and the powers of the word to come, if they shall fall away, to renew them again unto repentance seeing they crucify to themselves the Son of God afresh and put him to an open shame.”

Our deepest gratitude to Apostle Mike and all the wonderful and loving people at Forerunner. Our lives are eternally changed...

Love you very much, Janet and Bill Grady

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