November 2016 Newlsetter - Brad Nottingham

Greetings saints, This is such a wonderful time to be alive and to be prepared and ready for the Glory of the Heavenly Kingdom to be released on HIS Earth. Knowing this, as we live a richer and fuller spiritual life, we must be the overcomer as we are chosen to be, as a remnant, as all the patriarchs in scripture have done all through biblical history.

We will begin with the knowledge of the law, the 10 commandments the Torah. These are direct commandments from our HEAVENLY FATHER for us, HIS children and believers, to know and follow as HE has given them for us. Then we can walk out and live a clean and pure life in the natural form, in our fleshly body while creating a spiritual vessel to host HIM, HIS divine nature as a High Priest to usher His kingdom on Earth. The first five commandments are given to show how we are to have a relationship with our Heavenly Father. The last five commandments are given to show how we are to have a relationship with each other. Then we have the 613 mitzvot, which are the commandments the ancient Jewish scholars put together from the Torah as a way to live in direct communion with our Heavenly Father.

Now, let me make a powerful statement to you: as we learn the commandments, which are the Mitzvah, we begin to develop a more intimate relationship with YAHWEH. We learn about our Heavenly Father and HIS ways in a deeper meaning as the HOLY SPIRIT releases revelation to us. As we dig deeper and learn these commandments we will have dominion over everything. Yes I said it: “dominion over everything,” as HE designed from the beginning. When you know the law and walk it out, you have now become a living epistle with the CREATOR’s divine character written in you! Let’s take it deeper: we will then be chosen to administer and teach the law to everything in the natural earth and in the spiritual realm to all of HIS creation. As the spiritual kingdom is coming to Earth, the spiritual kingdom government will take dominion over the earthly government, and we will rule and reign here on Earth as we were created to do from the beginning. Understanding that the mitzvah is a commandment, and all the mitzvot are directly from the Torah, I can safely say that all the Word, all the Scriptures are commandments from the heavenly throne room for the believer to live and develop into their daily walk as a lifestyle to edify our Heavenly Father. This is a mandate to all who desires a more intimate relationship with the Divine Designer, the creator and overseer of everything! Saints, be encouraged, and ask our Heavenly Father to open your womb, that everything you do is for the Kingdom coming to Earth in you. HALLELUJAH.

Due. 30:6,” and the LORD your GOD will circumcise your heart ,and the heart of your descendants, to love the LORD your GOD with all your heart and with all your soul that you may live”

This is an everlasting life saints! Please visit us at and partake in the teachings and books available to enhance your learning of the MOST HIGH.

Have a wonderful day being the blessing you have been created to be.

Shalom Blessings, Brad