October 2016 Newsletter - Rob Testimony

At the age of 12 I was introduced to the entertainment industry. It didn’t take long for me to see a fair amount of success and with success came much temptation. By 15 I was heavily involved in a life of alcohol, drugs, and promiscuity. It seemed as if every night was a party, just in a new place with a new group of people, the only thing that was consistent was that I was always sure to be intoxicated no matter the situation. It was a life I became accustomed to as it was the only life I had ever known and I feel deeper into each year that passed. Between 21-22 is when things began to slow down, not by choice but because work began to slow down and in the case of entertainment they go hand in hand, unfortunately the addictions I picked up on the way never subsided and I was still completely dependent on alcohol. Now being forced to adjust to working a 9 to 5 I didn’t know how to function socially without being 100% drunk, and so I was, all day every day while on the job. A few years later, to my surprise, one of my coworkers end up being a guy I knew back in the entertainment world. He knew too well about the life I had come from and began to speak to me about his church, which wasn’t a topic I would expect to hear from him but either way I thought “been there, done that” so I wasn’t interested. Little did I know, me running into him was NO coincidence at all and not long after, EVEYRTHING in my life changed.

It was December 23rd of 2015, not even a year ago, I was sitting in my sofa chair at home still shaken up over a fight me and my girlfriend at the time had nights before when I felt an extremely intrusive presence suddenly ENTER MY BODY! I can only describe the feeling as a paralyzing electric shock that passed through my head down into my feet and I was completely frozen in terror. I felt as if I was sharing a mind and body with another presence and it was more in control of my thoughts and actions than I was. Yea, I know, I SOUND CRAZY! Which is exactly what my family thought when I tried explaining it to them. I caused a panic and they thought I lost my mind and almost called the psych ward to take me away. The only person I could think of was the friend from work who was telling me about his church and so I called him. I begin telling him what was going on with me; that I was hearing things, seeing things, and feeling things that weren’t at all of this world and that whatever these things were, they were harassing me at night and all throughout the day. To my surprise his response was a simple “I think it’s time for you to come.”

I attended a Monday night service with him at Forerunner Ministries and the moment I entered the place I felt a very unfamiliar peace come over me, very different compared to the ever present terror I was constantly feeling. Not long after sitting down, for no apparent reason, I became extremely uneasy and I felt something telling me “get up and leave.” Immediately after making up my mind to leave, a man (who I know now was brother Timothy) sitting right in the front stands up and says, “The LORD just told me to give this gentlemen (Me) my seat.” At this point I thought “OK, either these people can read minds or God just spoke to him,” so I switched seats with him and decided to stay. This is when I heard Apostle Mike teach the prophetic interpretation of the Word of God and for the first time in my life I knew without a doubt I was hearing the truth of the scripture, I felt it inside my being. He pointed at me and began to prophesy about demons who were focused on me and watching me and it BLEW MY MIND! It was exactly what I was experiencing at that time.

It didn’t take long for me to realize everything I was going through was to bring me to this very place to see the power in what was being released here. The same reason I had just so happen to run into the friend that would tell me about this very place. I continued to attend the services and meetings, and in no time my life literally began to change. I was completely delivered from the very real demonic oppression I had been suffering from and not only that but my addictions began to leave. I had no more urges to drink or to smoke, lusts I had been struggling with for years diminished. In fact, all the desires of this world I had dedicated my entire life chasing after became meaningless. The Word that was being released opened my eyes in a way I never thought was possible. It had so much power. I felt things breaking off of me in every service. The void I felt my whole life that nothing could ever fill, not religion, not alcohol or drugs, neither partying or woman, began to close. For the first time in my life all I wanted was more and more of truth because that truth was setting me free and that truth is the revealed Word of YAH, AMEN!

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