October 2016 Newsletter - Brad Nottingham

Greetings Saints, What a wonderful time we are living in. Look around you, our FATHER’s HOLY SPIRIT is everywhere teaching, counseling HIS saints to live a spiritual life on earth HALLELUYAH! “Heaven coming to Earth.” Let’s recognize these times we are stepping into: the latter day feast times. YAHWEH’S latter day feast times are upon us, they are not a man-made holiday. When you look at the word feast, “moed” it is a pre-ordained time for a gathering of the assembly and congregation to sit, be at rest, and eat and drink, who do you think we will be feasting with? “Eat of my flesh and drink of my blood.” HALLELUYAH!

The feasts are brought to us through a period of time, always started on a new moon, a sign from the heavens as a new beginning for us. These feast days are days in a perfect sequenced order, ordained by our Heavenly FATHER to pronounce the first and second coming of HIS only begotten son, to prepare HIS children for this event. Let’s look at it this way, since the early rain feasts all were the signs and times of the first coming of our SAVIOR, which have already been fulfilled by YAHSHUA, who made a way for us, YAHWEH in flesh, the living Word, which we are so grateful for.

Now this month, we are coming into the latter day feasts, which are for the second coming of YAHSHUA to Earth, I would say that YAHSHUA will come again on these appointed days, the feasts days, as HE did the first time, “there is nothing new under the sun.” Passover is the crucifixion day of our SAVIOR, the Feast of Unleavened Bread, a time not to eat or partake of any of our old ways, of our sinful nature, the feast of first fruits, YAHSHUA’s resurrection, the first fruit offering to YAHWEH. YAHSHUA said, “I must go now and I will send someone greater than I, the HOLY SPIRIT to teach and counsel you,” so get this wonderful picture: YAHWEH, the divine designer, YAHSHUA, everything was created through HIM, the HOLY SPIRIT, the overseer of all things is EL ELYON, three in one. What a divine picture to know that the designer of everything we know is in everything we partake in as we live our spiritual life here on earth.

The latter day feasts times are upon us this month, Rosh Hashanah or Feast of Trumpets. YAHWEH told Isaiah to lift your voice as a trumpet, are you listening to the trumpet? HE is sounding off throughout the Earth, using his HOLY SPIRIT, his apostles and prophets to prepare us to be the abode for HIM. The latter day’s feasts are observed as the Days of Awe, a final preparation of one’s self, a HOLY time to fast, repent, and to cleanse yourself of any sin or unforgiveness you might have so that you can become the tabernacle where our FATHER lives. Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, is a representation of the end of the times where you have been cleansed, prepared, and judged by the Divine Designer HIMSELF, and a joining with HIM will take place.

Sukkot, the Feast of the Tabernacles, a time that is a representation of when our Heavenly FATHER comes to live in us. When we have passed through all of our trials, tribulations, and left our carnal nature and put on the mind of CHRIST, then there is the eighth feast which cannot be forgotten, Chanukah or Hanukah, the feast of a new beginning, the new life you will have after observing these feasts and being prepared for what you have been created to be: a living temple for the glory of YAHWEH to live in.

I have not gone into great depth of these ordained feasts. Do your research and search them out. What I do want you to realize is that this month is the latter day feast times, so prepare yourself. Perform a self-examination in order to have a spiritual rebirthing, through fasting and seeking the HOLY SPIRIT to be set free from your sin and ignorance in order to be the temple for our LORD to live in. HALLELUYAH!

Don’t wait for the second coming of CHRIST become the temple now. HE is here living in you, being prepared.

Remember these feasts are ordained by our Heavenly FATHER and given to a man, Moses, to be given to the children of YAHWEH. The feasts come out of the first 5 books of the HOLY SCRIPTURE, which is the Torah, the law, the Law, which ALL creation has to answer to. So as you follow the law you, are abiding to a law that rules and reigns above everything YAHWEH has created for us so that we can live in as the natural human in a spiritual life.

We encourage you to come, partake of the deeper truth here at Forerunner Ministries, where the secrets and mysteries are being released, where the Torah is the Law we answer to and abide by, where you will be prepared for the second coming of the MESSIAH in you. Don’t wait. HE wants to abide in you now.

We all want to take this opportunity to thank YAHWEH for the trumpet Dr. Michael Petro, who is the trumpet releasing the truth of preparation and for all the saints who have been called and have heard their calling. This season is important to give recognition to this process, which YAHWEH has laid out for us to follow.

Also I would like to thank all of you who support Forerunner Ministries, as we celebrate our one-year anniversary of this newsletter. A special thanks goes out to the audio and media teams, the internet teams, the social media teams, the intercessors who keep the warfare at bay, and all the servants throughout the heavens and earth who make it possible to be the abode of CHRIST, a functioning body to carry the mind of CHRIST.

Repent, prepare yourself, and be the First Fruit you have been pre-ordained to be.

Have a wonderful time being the blessing you have been created to be!

Shalom Blessings