September 2016 Newsletter - Brad Nottingham

Greetings saints, I want to thank our divine designer, creator, and overseer of everything we know and everything we are about to step into. Dad has been speaking to me about the Glory, showing me that we are living a spiritual life in a worldly realm, which has been shown to me through many different occurrences in my life. When the firmaments were created YAHWEH created different dimensions to host all of HIS creations.

As we live a spiritual life in a worldly realm, these 2 dimensions come together and this is the first stage of HIS glory. It is a preparation to bring HIS full glory to HIS earth. When the Garden of Eden was created, Adam was in the glory, where he lived a spiritual life in a worldly realm. HALLELUYAH!

When impartations come to you, when you are receiving revelation, when healing is happening to you and your family, as you go through trials and tribulations, you are living a spiritual life in a worldly realm. This is truly the manifestation of HIS glory, which is coming to earth HALLELUYAH! This is a preparation for truly the most powerful move of YAHWEH that the earth has ever seen. It has to be this way because there are generations of battles to overcome and defeat. And HE is preparing us for that.

I want to thank Forerunners everywhere on earth who press in, who seek our FATHER in spirit and truth, the remnant whom our FATHER has invited to partake in this final battle. I also want the thank our FATHER for HIS mouthpiece Michael Petro, who has faithfully continued to fulfill his calling, to raise an army to step into this battle. HALLELUYAH!

I also want to take this opportunity to thank DAD for the blessing he released to Nadine and Aaren in the UK. HALLELUYAH. We have been holding them up in prayer, and the blessing from our FATHER was delivered safely. A boy, Benjamin, healthy and without blemish. HALLELUYAH!

I strongly encourage you to visit our website, watch the meetings, and join us as we return to our first love. The early church fathers are teaching us how the first disciples were taught and the way the church is going to return to in these final days. And this is a true awaking, because the modern day church has diluted our FATHER’S Word and stepped away from the way, the truth, and the light, which means there is no fear of our FATHER. Let’s get back to where we belong, where YAHSHUA wants His body to be, with HIM, seeking HIM, and worshiping HIM with all our heart, soul, and might.

Thank you saints for your seeking and listening and hearing what the HOLY SPIRIT is telling you.

Have a wonderful day being the blessing you have been created to be!

Shalom Blessings, Brad