September 2016 Newsletter - Vanessa Hayes Testimony

“Surrender all” are the prophetic words that I received approximately 2 months ago. Soon after I knew God was moving me out of my current home, and so I gave my 30 day notice not yet knowing where I was moving to. In June Prophet Thomas Cherian came to The Rev2.0, just one week before Pentecost and gave me a prophetic word. I then came out to Forerunner from Arizona to see Prophet Thomas Cherian on Pentecost and received more personal prophetic words. He prophesied about open and closed doors, but I wasn’t sure how that applied to me. Upon returning to Arizona that following week, I received a call from Alaun at Forerunner asking when I was moving out to California. She then said she had a room for 2 available and might be able to get me a job with her company. This same week on Friday I went into work and was laid off. I immediately knew that this series of events, amongst other confirmations, was the open and closed door that Prophet Thomas talked about. Having this understanding brought me complete peace, and I was able to take the necessary steps to begin my new journey.

One of the major things I had to surrender was the desire to be in the forensic field and to go to medical school. Though I did not have a job offer yet, I just knew that God would honor my faith if I move and trust him. So I talked with my friend Dawn who also knew she was supposed to move to California, and we both knew it was time to make the move. We began selling things, packing, and saying our goodbyes to friends and family in Arizona. It was a total of 9 days from the time I was laid off and to when I moved in with my new family in California. During the past two weeks since arriving here, we have kept busy attending as many meetings as we can to be drenched in the revelation, outside of attending job interviews. I am so thankful for Apostle Mike Petro and the Forerunner family who knows what true love is: to keep Torah and teach others the mysteries of the kingdom in order to remove the veil of flesh and experience the Glory of Yahweh in the Holy of Holies. I feel right at home, free to worship, dance and accelerate my maturity in the revelatory Word, while being prepared for ministry. May Yahweh bless Forerunner Ministries International!

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