Cristine Kawile Testimony - August 2016 Newsletter

Hello Saints!

First, I'd like to thank Forerunner Ministries Intl from the heart for welcoming my family and me with great big open arms! Growing up in a Catholic household, I barely knew who our Lord was. The focus was always on the rituals, sacraments, and prayer recitals (including the rosary) to the Virgin Mary and many many appointed saints. Needless to say, it was tedious and I couldn't wait to be just old enough that my parents could no longer force me to go! But even then, I would go sporadically, because every time I would reach rock bottom, He would be the One I would turn to. Almost every time, He would lift me up and rescue me.

About 5 years ago, I really began searching for Him. I found a Catholic church near me and started to go again. After a couple times, I just never went back because it felt empty; it didn't feel right. Then a friend of mine brought me to one of those grace churches that Apostle Mike has talked about. I'm not gonna lie, I was about 98% convinced. I was thinking I had finally found the truth! I really wanted to buy into the whole sinner's prayer bit, but deep down I had questions...the problem was that I stuffed them deep down and brushed it off. I never read the Bible, but the little I knew was not adding up to what some of those guys preached about. Even then I still felt empty.

About 3 years ago, the Lord answered my prayers and brought me a husband. He told me he was coming, and a few months later I met Danny and that was it! Married the love of my life, and we have our amazing son Jase! I thought surely my life would be complete, but it wasn't. We even stopped going to the grace churches. I would be alone in the car crying out to the Lord, for I longed to be with Him. At this time I still believed I was saved by grace. About 5 months ago, my friend Jessica had invited us to go see Apostle Mike out here in San Diego. I was just completely sold! I had never heard anyone preach the Gospel in such detail, revealing truths.  He definitely put the fear of the Lord in me that night.  It was definitely eye opening! FINALLY!!!!

Since then, we have been making the drives from San Diego and live streaming. For the first time, I dove into the Holy Bible, listening to the CDs, and taking notes with such passion.  I am learning so much, and it's not even close to boring as I once thought! I've also noticed the transformation within. I cannot remember the last time I had any alcohol, I hardly ever swear, and I'm listening to just Christian music. I also find myself caring less and less of the materialistic things and issues of this world. For all that matters is getting ready for the Kingdom!

Once you finally get it, test it, and rejoice! For the Truth shall set you free!

Yah Bless!!!!!!!

Cristine Kawile