Prepare for the Glory by Pastor Brad - August 2016 Newsletter

Greetings saints, As we continue to press in, seek our HEAVENLY FATHER’S glory, and fight the good fight, we have had another exciting month. I would like to thank the HOLY SPIRIT for each and every one of you and your personal parousia of CHRIST in your life.

We have a powerful interview of Pastor David Chung that will show the fire of the HOLY SPIRIT through the revelatory , rhema word through a prophetic understanding. Enjoy and understand that the HOLY SPIRIT is doing, as in Hab 2:14 “For the earth will be filled With the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, As the waters cover the sea.” As the time grows near to the Great and Terrible Day, prepare yourself for this day to be great in your resurrection. HALLELUYAH!

We also have a praise report, for encouragement and edification of the healing powers of the HOLY SPIRIT.

As we step into our High Priestly order, we all are deacons of the ecclesia, the body, knowing that we are called to pray and fast for each other, ourselves and the sick. Act 14:23, So when they had appointed elders in every church, and prayed with fasting, they commended them to the Lord in whom they had believed.

One of our family members in the UK, whom we have been holding up in prayer and fasting, has been in touch with me on a regular basis. Her name is Nadine and she has been going through a pregnancy right now and her due date is close, so please continue to hold her and her baby up in your prayers.

I want to share a few of our emails with you; please look at the dates and you will see the healing power of the HOLY SPIRIT work in a timely manner!!!

Nadine, Jun 12 at 4:46 AM Hello Pastor Brad just an update about the pregnancy I am 29 weeks and 2 days. Last night and this morning I have been having labor pains so just waiting to see if it progresses or if stops but just wanted to updated as I am a little worried. He is still quite small and at this stage his lungs are not fully developed, yet I am staying in the Word and listening to the teachings but just waiting to see what happens with labor.......

Nadine, Jul 1 at 3:09 AM Hello Pastor Brad just a quick update. I have had a checkup today on the baby and the hospital told me he is not gaining enough weight. I have an emergency appointment for Monday for them to decide what to do.... He is also breech. He is feet down and they are talking about me having a C-section. This is something I really don’t want.... I am praying and asking DAD for his will to be done. I am just concerned about my health and baby’s health.... Thank you for your help and love from us all here.

Brad, Jul 1 at 4:40 AM HALLELUYAH !!!  I am going to go into a 3 day fast and prayer that you and your baby are going to be fine. The baby will pass through the straight and narrow and your health will be sustained through the power of YAHWEH in you. That there are no worries in your heart and mind, that you release all thoughts of any negativity and replace them with life for you and your baby. That your doctor is touched by the HOLY SPIRIT by your miraculous change of circumstances that only can come by supernatural intervention. HALLELUYAH !!!

Nadine, Jul 7 at 11:43 AM Hello Pastor Brad just a update. I am in the hospital but the good news is that the baby has gone head down so no C-section for me. The doctor was in shock today as the baby went from feet first to bum first and then head down..... Bless DAD for what you did for me and the baby and everything you’re still doing.... I have to stay overnight but will be getting home tomorrow.... I can’t believe the things DAD is doing its so amazing.... Thank you for all your help and love from us all here.

This is a personal testimony from Nadine that she sent me, Jul 9 at 9:31 AM From 28 weeks pregnant, the baby has been trying to come, and I have had to be up and down to the hospital with this. The doctors have been trying to get me to have steroids for the baby’s lungs so they can develop. Aaren and I do not want these for our son, so we have refused them. I went for a scan on the 1st July and they informed me that the baby was feet down and I would need a C-section to deliver him and that his weight has dropped a little bit, due to me still having pregnancy sickness up until now. The doctor that I have to see is a man that is very much medical based. If it cannot be explained with a medical understanding, then it cannot be true (this is the same doctor who saw me when I fractured my back). I was admitted into hospital on the 8th of July, as I was having really bad contractions and as I am only 33 weeks pregnant. This doctor was talking a lot about steroids and I just kept refusing them, so he decided to keep me over night in hospital. During my stay, the baby had turned so he is now head down I am the correct position to be born and he has gained weight. But during my time in hospital I came in contact with two women: one a Muslim and one a Jewish midwife. And during my stay at hospital I was praying and studying, and the Muslim lady had just had a baby and she said she could hear me praying but I was unaware of this at the time. She said that when I stopped praying the baby would start crying, and when I was praying he would settle and go to sleep and even feed correctly. The Jewish midwife and I spoke about Torah and how there is a deeper hidden meaning to it all, and she asked a lot of questions. I am praying DAD will appoint another time for me to speak with her, as she will now be my nurse until the baby is born... GOD did amazing things in such a small amount of time in so many people around me.

Nadine, Jul 15 at 5:27 AM Hello Pastor Brad got some really good news: the baby has gained weight. I had a scan today, and he has gone from 4lbs2oz to 5lbs4oz. The doctor wants to see me on Monday, as in his own words he said the dramatic changes in the pregnancy cannot be explained especially within 2 weeks. So blessing DAD for this and for your fasting for me and the baby, as both mine and the baby's health has drastically changed HALLELUJAH...... Thank you for all you do and love from is all here.

Nadine, Jul 27 at 9:01 AM Hello Pastor Brad just an update. I am in slow labor. The baby is head down like he should be and everything is going good.... Trying to stay as active as possible. I am still at home so laboring at home. My waters have not broken yet so waiting for that... Will keep you updated if not me Aaren will keep you updated...... Love from us all here.

As your growth continues in your High Priestly calling, exercise your divine calling and watch the HOLY SPIRIT work through your fasting and supplication as Nehemiah says, “Neh 1:4 So it was, when I heard these words, that I sat down and wept, and mourned for many days; I was fasting and praying before the God of heaven.”

Our HEAVENLY FATHER listens and acts on our prayers. Be diligent, be of sound mind, and have a strong heart to freely have the HOLY SPIRIT flow through your life.

Have a wonderful day being the blessing you are created to be,

Shalom Blessings, Brad