Ray McDowell Testimony - July 2016 Newsletter

Shalom, mighty messengers of God! What a month it has been! The Lord has given us His sword and His rod, but that's not enough. He is also releasing to us the wisdom to wield it gracefully and reach others where they are. I want to share with the saints my praises to the Lord in recognizing His mighty hand at work this past week. Look at your neighbor and say "Divine appointment." Our lives are full of them and we have to see the open doors and walk through them, expecting the Lord to show up. This is knowing who we are and Who we carry inside of us and releasing His presence and words of life in due season. We all hold a pocket full of seeds that will sow radical change in the lives of those we meet. Anyway, back to my testimony.

Lacking the finances to purchase the $750 plane ticket back to Ohio, I was ready to miss my sister's wedding. Apparently, the Lord had a much better plan! Dad took care of it all! Just telling my sister what the Lord had done to get me there, I could see the Lord softening her heart. My sister has not yet come to know the Lord, but several years ago He put it on my heart to buy her a Bible. I never gave it to her. I found out, however, that this was the time that it was meant for.

One of the things the Lord has been showing me is to see people, not through the lens of their circumstance, but as who they were created to be. Sow the seeds of their true image in Christ and watch the fruit of restoration begin to manifest in their lives. The Lord has been taking us through the same process ourselves where He shows us a mirror of Himself within us when all we could see previously was our flesh, sin, and weakness. It is through this new image of ourselves that we begin to change into what we see. Dad put it in my heart to inscribe in her first bible these words of life and to repent to her for the corrupt image of Christ I've displayed as an immature ambassador over the years. She received it in a way I could not have imagined and I spent the rest of the night bawling at her reaction. My sister knew that what I told her came from the Father and her response was, “Now is the time. I wasn’t ready for it before, but it’s time I stop ignoring Him.” Praise God! I know that her confession is just a catalyst to many more changes the Lord is going to bring in her life. The Lord is faithful to restore our families and He knows exactly what it takes, but we are the firstfruits and they have to see the change in us. Sometimes OUR flesh can be what stands in the way of others receiving Christ.

The rest of my trip was full of divine timing and encounters, the Lord sending those who were hungry and receptive. One such occasion was right before we got on the plane back to California. We stopped to say goodbye to Amber’s sister Karli at her work (rushing, running late of course) and as soon as we came into the shop, Karli hurried Amber off into a back room to pray for someone. Come to find out, she was a muslim woman with cancer. Amber prayed for her as she was led by the spirit and she was touched by the Lord, the tears flowing. The woman later told Karli that she felt warmth filling her whole body during the prayer! Muslims need Jesus, too. You might be the vessel that they get to experience Him through. There were even several pastors and church leaders that we were sent to deliver the word to who were very open and came into agreement. Halleluyah! Now is the time for the body of Christ to be unified in Truth!

I want to share my heart with you guys. Every one of us that has the finances should be buying up extra copies of “Access Behind the Veil.” It is an amazing evangelism tool! There were many encounters that we had with men and women of God that all time permitted was to share a little bit to get them interested and to give them a book to search it out for themselves. There are many out there who are hungry and waiting for this word of Restoration! Speaking of which, I gotta give the Lord some praise here. He’s showing me a boldness I’ve never had before and giving me a willingness to look foolish for Him. The cost of us saying something to someone and being rejected is at worst, discouragement or hurt feelings on our part. Not saying something that the Lord gives us to say can cost SOULS.

The Father highlighted someone to me as we were walking through a random park on the trip, and I was picking up some things on him. I was going to just dismiss it but Amber sensed that there was something there and asked what I was feeling. When it was apparent that we both discerned the same things, we decided to go back and talk to him. All I said was, “Hey. I felt led to come over here. I felt like you might be going through some stuff and I just want to ask you if there’s anything I can pray with you about.” He was obviously shocked and wanted to know what I was sensing. I told him and he confirmed that He was struggling with those things. This brother looked like he had lost hope, like he was getting to the point of giving in to that spirit of suicide. I asked him if he knew the Lord and he looked me in the eyes and smiled and shook his head. “Yes. I’ve just been waiting for… RESTORATION.” Wow, the Lord is amazing. Restoration came and found this brother that day. I shared with him some words of encouragement through my own testimony and the trials and siftings that I have endured in my walk, it hit home for where he was at. So we prayed with him and the Lord touched his heart. He was incredulous. The earth quaked and so did his hands, him barely able to enter my number into his phone. We gave him a copy of the book and let him know that this was that breath of restoration that he was waiting for. Thinking back, who knows what would have happened that day if we were afraid to say something? I don’t ever want to say no to His call again! It could just be a weird feeling, but what if it’s really the Lord calling you to reach out to someone who needs Him?

by Ray McDowell