Artist Ingrid Yolanda Biography - July 2016 Newsletter

Our Father is multi-faceted, and I believe we should be as well. After all we were made in His image and likeness. It’s all about intimacy with Him. There are no short cuts to His heart. The gift without the giver means absolutely nothing. Yahweh blessed me with this understanding, so I sought after His heart and asked Holy Spirit as my teacher to show me how to create and release in multi-faceted ways, one being the arts. I supernaturally got downloads from heaven in the area of clothing design, home décor, song writing, script writing, cooking, etc... Then painting was another supernatural thing. One day at a conference, I sat up front to pray and see what Abba wanted to do in the room. I could feel the room filling up, and the atmosphere was amazingly lit with these flowing waves and a release of creativity.  For as long as I can remember, when heaven is releasing something and moving in the room in a powerful way, my hands will instinctually go up like a giving and receiving conduit.  I can feel the exchange of heaven moving all about and the waves flowing through the room or the rain falling on us. It’s His Spirit pouring out on all flesh and I don’t want to miss a drop. So this day, up went my hands. I knew there was a release of creativity in the room.

The next day at lunch what I received manifested.  As I stepped into the door of a restaurant, I had the most vividly detailed vision I had ever experienced, along with this desire to sketch what I was seeing. I could see this lion in such detail.  It was up close and personal, like, I can count the lion’s whiskers close.   I heard the LORD say in that moment “The Lion of Judah is Roaring over you.” I sat at the table that day to see myself sketch for the first time. It is amazing and humbling to watch yourself do something you’ve never done before.  I knew in that moment, more than ever, I was not brilliant, smart or amazing. I knew that I was nothing without the giver of all gifts.

Shortly after, the prophetic arts team at the church I attended got word about what happened. They asked if I would paint with them.  Okay, I must remind you, I only sketched a lion. I had never prophetically painted anything.  So, I said yes. Then asked Holy Spirit what are we going to paint? I had a vision of a giant eye in a wing.  I’m thinking, You want me to paint an eye in a wing? Okay, we’re really going all out. You’ve got to show up, angels you have got to show up, or I’ll just be standing there looking at that canvas. I heard the LORD say, whatever I paint will be the release from the heavens in the meeting.  So, with that I knew He was going to show up and be in this with me.  I stood in front of that canvas calling out and pulling on Abba’s heartstrings.  Heaven showed up, love filled that artist corner, the angels were all around, and his presence was so full. I began to see how to paint. People walking over and were getting drunk in the spirit as they reached our little painting corner.  They were saying “Ingrid I didn’t know you could paint?”  I said, “Neither did I, this is my first painting.”  Nope it’s true.  I encouraged them to go deeper in intimacy in relationship with the LORD.  Then I was encouraged by the pastor to teach a class on Prophetic creativity and co-laboring with heaven.

The more we get to know Him the sweeter it gets. All of these are useful ways to touch those around us and reveal aspects of Yahweh heart to those who otherwise may not know Him. With one glance, one touch, one word, one unveiling at a times, as we interact with heaven we open eyes and ears with the supernatural power of Yahweh. How is this possible? He pursues us with unrelenting love. All we have to do pursue Him back, seek Him first. Not so simple but, it is simply keeping our eyes on Yahweh and doing what we see Him do.

Face - Ingrid Yolanda

"The Visionary" Painted by Ingrid Yolanda

There is a beckoning that draws us nearer into our Father's heart.  "Come up here, and I will show you things which must take place after this." Rev.4:1

The heart of a visionary is set on living behind the veil. This is where we are intimately imparted with revelatory truth that brings justice to the poor and needy. The visionary is born in the intimacy of relationship with the Father.  We must have eyes to see and ears to hear in order to implement the given strategies of heaven in their proper times and seasons.  If we seek Him we will find Him, when we seek Him our whole heart. Jeremiah 29:13